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    Default Imperial Commissar - WH 40K

    Hy folx,

    here is a little WIP threat I started last week at a german miniature forum. I never started a WIP threat here at CMON but I will give it a try and hope I get some feedback from you guys. :)

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    Looks great so far! I think he will look tougher and meaner with a bit of 5 o\'clock shadow on his chin.

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    Yep looks great so far! You use overhead lighting wit spray cans right? In that case I suggest using an airbrush as it goes on more smoothly. Then you can on some colours actually use glazes to get a colour quickly with some final highlights.

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    I like the way you have done some initial work on the area around the face early on. The black visor, brown collar and the initial work on the breastplate. I do need to concentrate on doing the face earlier myself, but generally get distracted by doing the general colour scheme for the whole figure.

    The stripe down the inside of the right leg is a nice touch. Not sure if the top edge is quite right for the hang of the cloth, but that could just be the angle of the picture.

    Also I can\'t make out a matching stripe on the left leg, has it even been done yet?

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    Sorry but it seems that my english-language skills reach their limits. WHAT is a 5 o\'clock shadow??? :D

    Yes I know, but I don\'t have an airbrush (not YET!) ;) But it\'s OK, I just use this method to give me some hints, where to set the highlgihts. The white primer will be overpainted.

    At the beginning I also started most of the time with the overall color scheme. By now I concentrate on each part, one by one. Only spots where I would get problems to reach later on (like the collar near the face) get a basic color, so I don\'t have to force the brush in there... ;)

    The stripe on the left leg is missing. ;) Will be done this afternoon. :)

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    A 5 o\'clock shadow is the slight hint of the beard growing out that gives the chin a greyish look.

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    Crackpot, nice work I like him :D

    A five o\'clock shadow is a term for a few days growth/stubble on the face not a full beard but enough to show he hasn\'t shaved for a day or two.

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    Ah thanks guys. I expected something like that, but wasn\'t shure. ;) OK I will give him some stubbles. :D

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    Even a hint of grey will go a long way making the face look more hardened, like you would expect from a fighting man.

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    Hy there,

    I reworked the golden NMMs and painted the lining of the coat. Ah and not to forget the \"5 o\'clock shadow. ;)

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    Yep, that works for me! He looks a lot harder now! :cool:

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    i can\'t wait to see how this guy comes along

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    i realy like the mute overall tone, and the strong bright colours you splashed along the mini to make it stand out. the gold, red and blue work great.

    the stubble worked out great, he went from a young prick to a mean looking bastard who\'s shot enough cowards to be rightly feared.

    the stubble also brings out the scar on his cheek.

    great work, keep it up

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    This is looking lovely, great figures these commissars:D

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    I like the idea of spraying some light colour to work out lighting and highlights as a base.. cool more reason to get airbrush out, just need to find space.
    Your work is as always a pleasure to look at.

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    Face works for me now as well, looking forward to seeing the completed figure :D

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    Really nice work! Are you going to paint the detail on the boot in the same nmm style as the breastplate and cap badge?
    Just wondering, because I cant manage to get the same shades twice?

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    Nice, real nice. That chin stubble really makes his pop hard arse.

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    This is looking hella good.

    The stubble looks great and as everyone has already noted makes him look like a hard bastard ready to shoot anyone who is caught slacking.

    Also like the colours used here, the subtle muted tones and then the brighter colours.

    Great NMM and looking supersmooth.

    Makes me wana go and buy myself a commissar an get cracking

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    First off, thanks for all the feedback! :) Shows me I am on the right way. ;)
    I just painted about 4-5 hours today and only got the boots, holster and sabre ready. Man, I am a slow painter... :D

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