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    Default A lot of new submissions

    What do you guys think of picture quality and angles?

    Feel free to also chip in on the actual work...most pieces have a good element and a bad, simply because i focus on one and then rush the others



    New pics of this guy, finally good ones without all the noise and flatening

    This one no matter what i couldnt get good pics, the paint is so glossy(P3s) that it reflected always


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    Voted. Some very nice stuff in there, pictures are better then any i can manage. :D

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    Congrats on trophies! Looks good in the photos, it\'s always hard to get good looking photos of something so small.

    Keep up the good work.

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    it sure is, i have very little GW models left to paint, ive eliminated my GW stock...since i hate painting 99% of their models....

    ill be glad to paint non gw soon, and hey i might even be able to not get bored half way through and half ass the finish

    you can see the progression on arwen yellow was first face second, the rest after....goes from very good to good, to just bleh hahaha

    thanks for the comments and votes though...soon i should end up puttin it all together on one piece

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