New Cinematic Effects now available in the webstore:

ACFX008 Small Laser Muzzle Flash (10pcs)
ACFX009 Medium Laser Muzzle Flash (10pcs)
ACFX010 Large Laser Muzzle Flash (3 pcs)
ACFX011 Heavy Laser Muzzle Flash (3pcs)
ACFX013 Heavy Plasma Blast (3 pcs)
ACFX012 Small & Medium Plasma Blasts (6 pcs)
ACFX004 Heavy Muzzle Flash (2 pcs)
ACFX015 Small Energy Blast (10 pcs)
ACFX016 Medium Energy Blast (10 pcs)
ACFX017 Large Energy Blast (5 pcs)
ACFX018 Heavy Energy Blast (3 pcs)
ACFX018 Medium & Large Maggot & Slime Stream (4pcs)
ACFX019 Small Venom / Slime Blast (10 pcs)
ACFX021 Large Venom / Slime Blast (3 pcs)
ACFX005 Super Heavy Muzzle Flash w/ Shell
ACFX007 Multiple Missle Launcher Upgrade Kit
ACFX014 Flame Thrower Gouts of Fire (10pcs)

Also shown in the photo is one of the new Gallery bases designed Shawn