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    Default My new projects (WIP)

    After a long absence, I have finally picked up the brush again.

    Here is what I have been occupied with recently:

    Deeply inspired by Jakob Nielsen\'s brilliant nurgle knights, I painted this. (Don\'t worry, it\'s far from finished)

    This is a grey knight, painted in gold nmm. It is actually an old WIP but for some reason I didn\'t post it before. (Unfortunately, I later decided to paint the golden helmet red, which turned out horrible :()

    I painted this as an experiment. I really like Cryil\'s space marines (but then again, who doesn\'t?) and I wanted to try painting battle damage myself.

    This is my favourite. A chaos warrior painted as a slaanesh devotee. I really enjoy working with purple as it looks nice and it\'s easier to blend smoothly than for example blue or yellow.

    Well, that\'s all for now, I hope you can give me some feedback! :)

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    Here\'s some more new stuff:

    The arm for my ultramarine terminator

    This was an experiment with blending red.

    That is all for now!

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    *) Chaos rider : nice contrast on the armor but it could use a bit of cleaning. It does look promissing though ;) ;

    *) Gold NMM : not bad, could use some extra small highlights to make it pop more;

    *) Battle damage : looks OK, but needs more color variations (just looks black from what I can see) and needs more thought in the placements. It looks like he went through a Tyranid swarm (got hit everywhere), instead of having more concentrated wear;

    *) Purple armor : looks good. Try to darken the shadows;

    *) Assault Canon : the steel needs more contrast IMO;

    *) Red armor : looks good. Like the purple, I think the shadows could have more contrast, but I\'m being picky ;).

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    Thank you both for replying.

    @green stuff: Thanks for the help with the shadows, I tried it and it looks much more vivid.

    And now for my next update:

    This is a tau fire warrior. I wanted to try blending each and every armor plate separately.

    Much work remains on this one, I just wanted to show the armor in this picture.

    Feedback much appreciated!

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    I think the blending is great, as red is harder to blend than other colours. What technique of blending do you use?

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    Thank you

    I use layering, as I find that the easiest way to control the transition of colours.

    I have tried wet blending but I think it\'s too \"risky\" a method. It requires a lot of thinned out paint, which means it\'s more difficult to use on small areas.

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    I don\'t like the red of the Assault cannon\'s ammo box personally - but that\'s personal preference. I agree with most of what\'s already been said.

    Could you share your method for the reds as there are lots of people (PLEASE not just me lol) who struggle with reds.

    I presume you went the orangey-highlighting route? Red glazes?

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    The red armor:

    Basecoat: scab red

    highlight by adding blood red to the scab red, the transition should cover about 1/2 of the area (When you have gone from scab red to blood red, half of the plate should be pure blood red and 1/2 the transition between scab red and blood red)

    Then you start adding fiery orange to blood red and you go about the same way as before until you finally apply the final highlight which should be pure fiery orange (or at least very close)

    I haven\'t mastered red as a colour to blend yet, but it looks so darn gorgeous if you pull it off, so I will keep practising! :)

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    Hmm - that\'s how I would have done it actually... No glazes?

    Maybe I just need to work on my blending - weird as with other colours it looks much better...

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    love the blending on the fire warrior, and love the metal on the chaos steed, if you could somehow combine that to make it look red it would be the perfect look for my khorne army :D

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    @DaN: Red is a very, if not the most, difficult colour to blend smoothly.

    Blending the green armour on the fire warrior was easy compared to the red. The biggest problem is, in my opinion, the poor coverage of blood red. I find it very difficult to prevent the darker colour from shining through.

    I am going to try priming a chaos knight with white instead of black. I figure that might make the red cover more thoroughly. I\'ll update when I\'ve tried it. :beer:

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    For God\'s sake - don\'t use GW skull white spray - I\'ve nothing but grief from that shit.

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