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    Default euro 08

    who\'s going? i am thinking of it, but it\'ll cost. i won\'t bother if there isn\'t gonna be a good turnout

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    I am
    I believe Adrian (Vincenti) will be there

    I know quite a few of the guys from \"The Basement\" will too

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    i won\'t be but my dad and his mate will be there entering my minis, i\'ll be in a field in a tent doing Duke of Edingbourough(shame i can\'t spell!)

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    Tim, If you want to come and pick me up I\'ll go, its only about a 500 mile detour.

    Sadly I can\'t pay for the fuel lol

    Oh, and drop me back home and buy me some goodies from the Pegaso stall.


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    i shall think about it

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    That\'s what my Mum used to say when she meant \'NO.\'


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    I\'ll be there,:flip: Painting a WW2 german Para at the moment.All tickets bought & digs sorted ! :flip: :bouncy: :flip:
    GOD bless ....................V

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    I was hoping to be there but the costs started to spiral :cry: looks like i`ll have to stick to events further north!!

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    I am!

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    it\'s looking like a no for me too now. gutted. bloody hell orb, you should have been at gd, i made that one!

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    I had been promising myself that I wouldn\'t go to GD cos it would only annoy me.......saved my cash for Euro (more to buy.....hotel needed etc)

    but then get that hobble feeling of envy when I see all the pics!

    Spainish GD next for me I expect

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    But you didn\'t have to fork out 7 quid on sandwiches, Rob! ;)

    Wish I could go to Euro... :(

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    Originally posted by Orb

    Spainish GD next for me I expect
    GD France! Come on! :)

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    GD Spain next for me.
    And euro definately next year.


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    i can go next year but not at the moment, when is GD Spain, i have family over there so it shouldn\'t be too hard to sort out...

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    But you didn\'t have to fork out 7 quid on sandwiches, Rob! ;)

    Wish I could go to Euro... :(
    Just need to find a cheap flight to Norwich that arrives in under 6 hours :)

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    was planning to go but extremely bad financial planning has scuppered that idea for this year, besides, gotta replace the head gasket on the Micra first :(

    Rob, you could\'ve crashed at mine, I\'m only 40-45 mins from Folkestone (excluding operation stack of course :rolleyes:) less money on a hotel, more on minis

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    Well, euro was great

    Sandwiches weren\'t seven quid
    But you could get some real, nice fish and chips for that . . .

    Rob (Orb) got a silver
    Adrian got 3 golds, 2 fantasy and 1 historic
    And I got a bronze in civilian (That\'s NOT fantasy) :D

    Now I just hope GD don\'t clash next year

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    my dad couldn\'t make it because he had to pick me up from D of E, and my mum was with my sister at the royal ballet...:( year:D

    any piccies???

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    Hopefully get a few up tomorrow

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