Ever find your work posted somewhere else?
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Thread: Ever find your work posted somewhere else?

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    Default Ever find your work posted somewhere else?

    One day you are randomly searching the web and come across a gallery of painted miniatures.

    As you page through the gallery, you come across a figure that seems very familiar - and behold! It\'s yours! You don\'t remember posting on this site. Your name isn\'t listed as the artist - no name is listed.

    To add to the mystery, this is a gallery on a manufacturer\'s site.

    While my painting has improved thanks to the tutorials and feedback here, I have no illusions that it is worthy of being used by a company to sell its products.

    So, the question is - what to do? Ask that the pictures be removed? Ask to be listed as the painter? Or just be flattered?

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    Who took the picture of the mini originally?
    Normally that person owns the rights to the pictures.

    If you did then I would ask the company to give you the correct accreditation.

    BTW lets have a look at the mini in question.

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    Really! I\'s LOVE to see it!

    Oh, and $ might be a good thing to ask for, for sure.

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    I took the pictures, which explains why they look the way they do ;)

    These are the poor things:



    They are both pictures of the same mini - the second one was my first ever photo and post here on Cmon. I didn\'t know how to post in the forum yet :redface:

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    I have, but not randomly, I was always lookinglol
    Found my stuff all over too, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Czech Republick, Poland. Pretty cool actually.

    I\'d probably ask to be credited.

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    The mini is a Magnificent Egos and I believe that I see it posted on their site, so I assume that\'s the company site you\'re talking about. In this particular case my guess would be the best outcome you could hope for is to ask to be credited or have the picture removed.

    Unfortunately Mag Egos seems to have a bit of a reputation for using people. I\'ve heard stories about them failing to pay sculptors for minis that have been cast and sold, and rumours about dodgy dealings with other companies. I don\'t have direct experience with any of these situations, but I\'ve heard enough sort of iffy things from enough people I think well of to have some doubts about this company.

    My minis are displayed on several company web sites. In all the cases that I know of I was either paid to paint the minis and provide photos or I chose to (or was asked to) submit the photos to the website\'s gallery freely but for name credit. This probably isn\'t the first company to collect and post photos without contacting or crediting the original painters/photographers, but I don\'t think it\'s industry standard practice.

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    Yup, sounds about like Mag Egos. I\'ve had dealings with them as a customer that was pretty crappy. I\'ve heard very very little good about them from other pros in the same field.

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    While i leave the possibility for an honest mistake, if Mag Egos did that knowingly I think it is a bunch of b.s.

    I don\'t know why you\'d feel flattered, they stole YOUR image and are trying to benefit from it.

    I\'d ask them to remove it, I wouldn\'t want anything to do with that shadiness.

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    I started using a watermark on my piccies after finding them scattered hither and yon across the internet without credits.

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    I was once browsing the Warhammer section of e-bay and low and behold there was a guy selling Lotr minis and had a picture of my Warrior Of Minas Tirith on his auction page saying hey look if you buy these then you could paint them like this.
    I reported him to e-bay stating that he had neither my permission nor the right to use my picture to advertise his auction and the auction was pulled.

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    :D I had two posted on websites but both asked
    and posted my name one was Hasslefree:bouncy:

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    I had some of my pictures posted by somebody else twice (on other forums).

    Both times I contacted the administrator to straighten up things and eventually kick the user.

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    I had http://www.coolminiornot.com/115520 posted on Black Orc Games 100 Kingdoms as well as 2 panthera tribe pieces, but these have now been replaced and the Lord Karix now looks like this, http://cart.blackorc.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=69&products _id=248

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    Every time I have found my stuff, I was always credited, or a link to the originals was there too. I would be a bit outraged if it wasn\'t.

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