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    Default looking for painting services

    Hi, I am looking for someone to paint my Space Wolves. I have modified or converted just about every model and vehicle. I want them painted nice but unfortunately, I don\'t have the skill to do my boyz right. I did try, but gave up after a couple of trial runs. Here is a list of the models in my army that need painting. Hopefully, this won\'t cost an arm and a leg to get them painted well. My army includes the following models, approximately:

    3 heavily converted HQ characters
    1 venerable dreadnought
    1 rune priest
    1 wolf priest
    1 wolf lord w/ 5 terminators

    2 10 man squads of Grey Hunters
    2 10 man squads of Blood Claws
    2 5 man squads of Long Fangs
    1 10 assault squad with jump packs
    1 5 man scout squad
    1 3 man bike squad

    3 Rhinos
    1 Land Raider Crusader
    1 Whirlwind
    3 Land Speeders
    1 Leman Russ Exterminator

    Please send all feedback and quotes to amrogers3@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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    Default I wouldn\'t go near that with a ten foot barge pole...

    That\'s a lot of minis to paint, especialy if you want at least \"okay\" painting. I dunno if you\'ll find anyone willing. Then again, some people seem to manage to speed paint full armys without completely burning out. Any takers?

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    TextThat\'s a lot of minis to paint, especialy if you want at least \"okay\" painting. I dunno if you\'ll find anyone willing. Then again, some people seem to manage to speed paint full armys without completely burning out. Any takers?
    I agree....That\'s a boatload of minis!!:o Normally I\'d jump at the opportunity for commissioned jobs, but I have 81 pieces of commissioned minis on my table, which is why I\'m refraining from my Ebay sales until Jan.1,2004.(hopefully by then, my table will be cleared.)
    If I counted correctly, there\'s 89 pieces to your army?... and a nicely painted outcome would cost you an (approximate) minimum of $2225.00. I\'d say it might cost you both arms and legs to try and get that many painted with an outside source. Time wise, at least a month of diligent painting; but I wish you good luck on your search.
    D.Faye Nail

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    thanks for the posts. yeah, I think I am going to lose a few bodyparts to get these guys painted.

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    I suggest you commission one unit at a time, and get the other ones assembled and primed, so that you can start playing.

    And who knows you could maybe try some painting of your own :P

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    oh yeah, i tried but that part of my brain doesn\'t work. I want my boyz to look nice but I just don\'t have the skills to do it. :(

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    Default This is no doubt, a massive task.

    To have something this large painted up to a high or even golden demon standard, would be monumental. You could commission it out to a number of really good painters... But then there\'s that risk of inconsistency.
    I think you\'ll have settle for perhaps a lower quality of work to obtain a good colorscheme consistency. Maybe get one of the army painting studios to do your troops to a high standard. Then hire a couple of the painting Gods on this site to do the bosses and champions.
    Just don\'t expect to get this stuff painted by next month, or next year even. And it will cost thousands of dollars to do too.
    Good luck.


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    I\'d be happy to paint the HQ characters for super cheap. E-mail me at Dennismech@pacbell.net, and I can send you some pics of what I\'ve done in past, and we can discuss price. I\'ve really wanted to do commissions for a long time, and I\'d be really excited to put a lot of effort into them.

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    Something that you can do to save a considerable amount on commissioned figures, is to file, sand, clean and prime(white) all your figures yourself prior to shipping them to the artist. This is an extremely time consuming task and a big part of the expense. Even I would take on the job if this were done first. It\'s something to think about?

    Also, Id be willing to help you in your effort to paint them yourself via tips and shortcuts and you\'d be rewarded that much more with your own works of art.

    Hope this helps,

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    I paint armies (I\'m fulltime at this and they cover the rent the best) and do it quite nicely too :) . The number of times people inquire on the forums about this I\'m wondering if there should be a CMON directory of stuff along these lines?

    I\'m not supercheap, although I gather I\'m cheaper than a lot of US based painters due to exchange rate. Feel free to email (minipaint at paradise.net.nz )/PM me to discuss it in a bit more detail if you like, I\'m busy till January/Feb right now but take bookings all the time.

    cheers :)

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    I would also be willing to undertake this project(the whole lot). If you send me you e mail I can send some pics of a couple of space wolves, that I have painted as gifts for a friend.

    Let me know.

    you can mail me here


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    Default Sorcerer Studios

    My business partner and I run a fulltime studio of professional painters, and have tackled bigger contracts than this one. We\'ve taken a few Best Painted army awards, including the last Seattle GT, with models we painted up for clients (my SoB army contained a number of Daemonhunter units that I painted up for two separate clients).

    There\'s a number of fairly reputable painting services out there, but for every reliable and professional painter trying to pay their rent, there\'s nine or ten guys who are just trying to make an extra buck to help pay for their own gaming addictions. Try and stick to people who have established names and reputations. They may cost more, but they have reputations to protect, whereas others have nothing to lose by screwing up your contract.

    Fulltime painters are best. They\'re the ones who need your business the most, since that\'s all that\'s paying the bills and rent.

    Anyway, whether you go with us or not, I just wanted to warn anyone who\'s thinking of paying someone else to paint their models. We get sob stories every day from people who\'ve been burned by other services (of course, that\'s not to say the guys who posted here are the latter... I\'ve seen their stuff on CMoN and it\'s really good).

    To give you an example of a worst case scenario, I was talking to a bunch of other pro painters online and one of them mentioned a guy who put up a website advertising his own painting service. The pics looked great, and things looked like they were on the up and up. However, the guy checking out the website noticed that the pics were taken under many different conditions, with many different backgrounds. Then he noticed a pic of one of his own models, a pic he took himself!

    Turns out that the whole website was full of pics lifted off of the net from other painters. When contacted, the website owner claimed that his own camera was down, and that he put up those pics in the meantime because they were, \"indicative of the quality of my own work\". Shortly afterwards, a tiny disclaimer in a super small font showed up at the bottom of each gallery page saying that much, in white letters on a white background. A bunch of painters from the professional painter egroup checked it out and complained that their own pics were being used without their permission, and shortly after that the website was shut down. I shudder to think of how many people got suckered into thinking they were getting Vaitalla and Jennifer Haley quality paintjobs at 10 bucks apiece.

    I\'ll email you with some sample pics in the next day or so (I\'m not at the studio right now and all our pics are on the company computer), but if anyone else is interested, our email is:

    Kelly Kim
    Sorcerer Studios

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    It\'s always nice to know that you\'re second to others, you rip people off, shouldn\'t be trusted, and should never be allowed to paint minis for other people.

    I know you guys need it to pay the bills, but that did come off a bit rude. Other people would like to make some return on their work too.

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    Hey Kelly, what ever happened to Brushworks and Josh ? I wasn\'t really around when things broke up and it seems whenever I ask, people avoid answering like it was the plague reincarnated.

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    Dennis, I\'m sure he didn\'t mean it too be rude but rather as a warning. It is true, full time painters are more reliable because they do paint to pay bills. But you can\'t be sure if a person is being reliable there too or not. Pictures and reputation speak volumes considering any self-respecting full-time painter would no doubt have alot of pics to reflect their full-time claims of painting.

    I painted full-time for about 3 years and it is a tough business if you get behind but it is no doubt better than alot of other jobs. The demand for good painters is always high, but the prices as well will reflect that demand just because quality takes time and time is money!

    Find a favourite painter and stick with\'m. You\'ll build a good relation , trust and if they are close you just may have a new gamer roady to visit conventions with. :)

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    And it all goes quiet ... again.. as usual.. lol

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    Default Might seem quiet...

    But I am sure it\'s all being read. Views always outnumber responses by a fair ratio.

    Not a lot I can think of to say. There is a huge gap between the professional painters and their clients on this site and their amateur counterparts. All pro\'s start off as amateurs however and it is nice to see both levels of customers and providers being bought together by this site.

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    Default Followup and apologies?

    Sorry Dennismech, I didn\'t mean to come off as rude or arrogant. I had a quick reread of my last post and realize that it may have come off that way to some people. Honestly, I was just trying to illustrate just how hard it was to find good, trustworthy and truly \"professional\" painters out there.

    This is probably the biggest problem a potential client has with this mini-industry. There are no regulations, and no avenues of appeal or complaint. No \"Better Business Bureau\" is out there to make sure all the so-called professional painting services are on the up and up, or making sure there is any honesty in advertising. All I can say is that I agree wholeheartedly with Zilo: Find a painting service you like, and stick with it. Don\'t be put off by one or two bad experiences, and don\'t be quick to dismiss ALL painting services as a scam.

    In fact, it\'s probably safest to test a potential painting service with a small contract first, and move to slightly larger and larger contracts as your trust in the company grows.

    Nailpainter also had a good suggestion with the prepping of your models yourself. Prepping a model is something anyone can do, and do well if they put a little effort into it. You\'re paying the painter for his time and considerable painting skill... the least you can do to save some cash from your wallet is to cut down on the amount of time. Offering to prep the models yourself is a great bargaining chip when you\'re trying to haggle a quote down.

    As for Brushworks, it was a great ride for as long as it lasted. There was great comraderie amongst the painters (we had all won major awards ranging from GT Best Army Appearance all the way to Golden Demons and Slayer Swords) and the money was pretty good. However, it all ended when Josh, who had made managing BW his full time job, ran into some problems in his personal life and the artists and clients were kinda left hanging in the wind.

    Even though there were some half-hearted attempts to revive the company ourselves, we all kinda came to the same conclusion: running a painting service with artists on four different continents was a serious pain, and way too easily derailed by even the smallest issues. It was a shame, because even though we only ever \"met\" online in our own egroup on a regular basis, it often had the feel of a giant studio, much like the Eavy Metal team. We traded painting tips, advice, joked around, and even conferred with one another on various projects.

    Afterwards, many of the painters went on to set up their own one-man professional painting operations (Jason Richards perhaps being the most successful of them), whereas I started to pursue a career in casting for film and television. It was interesting, but I couldn\'t help but come back to pro painting... I loved it too much. I thought back to the whole studio concept, and decided to gather the absolute best painters in Vancouver, give them a bit more training, open a brick and mortar studio location for us to work out of, and founded Sorcerer Studios. So far so good (it\'s been over two years now since we started).

    And you\'re right Finn. I was lucky in that I got my start so many years ago with Brushworks working \"alongside\" guys like Leigh Carpenter, Mike Butcher, Jeff Wilson, Tom Schadle, and Jason Richards. I also learned alot about the business from Josh Crozier. I even made some contacts within various game and mail order companies. The professional painting environment has changed, and most people getting into pro painting now won\'t have the same leg up that I did. However, Coolminiornot\'s an excellent place to communicate with other people who love miniatures, and appreciate the work and skill that goes into well painted models.

    Kelly Kim
    Sorcerer Studios

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    Hi Aaron

    I have sent you a mail to both of your accounts but both mail boxes are full. Can you empty some and send me a mail back mate.


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    Originally posted by Kelly Kim
    Sorry Dennismech, I didn\'t mean to come off as rude or arrogant. I had a quick reread of my last post and realize that it may have come off that way to some people. Honestly, I was just trying to illustrate just how hard it was to find good, trustworthy and truly \"professional\" painters out there.
    Don\'t worry. Actualy, before writing it, I kept debating in my head whether to, because I do Believe that people should support those who really need the jobs.

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