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    This is the first of my two GDUK projects
    The rider needs me to get my larger light tent out . . .

    The figure was kindly provided by rob (DemonHerald) and was very nice to paint. Very simple, allowing focus on the contrast and textures, and now it\'s finished I rather like the floating base. I\'m considering doing the new Eowyn figure and I think similar colours and base work could result in a pair of complimentary figures.

    The work in progress can be found here

    Here\'s a link to CMoN voting page

    And a teaser

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    just a cheeky question, what colours did you use for the blue? a recipe would be awesome! how did it do at GDUK?


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    Nice one mate! :) Love the base and the mini is very well painted, especially like the face and the blue colour. The atmosphere is nice as well.

    I got a pretty good look on it in the cabinets so I\'ll give you some constructive criticism.

    The technique can be improved somewhat, the highlightings on the blue were a bit rough. Not sure if you dilute your paints enough for the final highlights? If you used white in your highlights try switching that to off white colours that are easier to blend. Two colours I use a lot for that purpose are Vallejo Ivory and Vallejo pale bluegrey. Seems like the bright highlight on her right leg goes to far down and on to the shading.

    The hair could use more texture. First get the general volumes correct then make the hair texture with small strokes.

    Try to get some more focalpoints on your mini to stand out. You can do that with freehand or shifts in colours or similar. I think for example the sword is a bit too bland for the central position it has in the composition.

    Overall very nice work and hope you\'ll place next time around!

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    nice - i like her hair. i don\'t nomrally ask for recipes but how what colours did you use for the hair?

    nice base btw

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    Thanks again Sven

    I agree with some bits not being as smooth as they could be. I have actually been using space wolf grey for quite a lot of my blue highlighting and have been having some issues. That said I could have improved upon it, but I felt I needed to spend time on the Don Hernandez figure and overall I was quite happy with the level of contrast achieved. In fact I may get a bit more picky with the smoothness now I\'m happier with my contrast.

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    Some paints used
    Hope this helps Mr Freaky :)

    Start with a based with VMC Saddle Brown
    Highlighted up with VMC Orange Brown, VMC Pale Sand, VMC Ivory
    Glaze with VMC Orange Brown
    Shade with GW Chardon Granite, VMC Oxford Blue, Some unlabelled dark blue colour
    More glazes of VMC Orange Brown, GW Scorched Brown, Chestnut Ink
    Tweak the highlights

    Base with VMC Dark Yellow
    Shade with VMC Flat Earth and GW Chardon Granite
    Highlight with Light Yellow and GW White

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    Chicks with swords _and_ clothes, too!

    Very nice work. Props, dude.

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    thank you sir!

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