i think im insane W.I.P. NMM IRON WARRIORS DREAD
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Thread: i think im insane W.I.P. NMM IRON WARRIORS DREAD

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    Default i think im insane W.I.P. NMM IRON WARRIORS DREAD

    Last night i started my first big project since i started painting many years ago as a kid.

    I Have a forgeworld Iron Warriors dreadnought

    i started by cleaning up the model and base coating it using an airbrush(very thin)

    I also just invested in vallejo game colors
    i Bought All 95 colors and mediums
    from thewarstore.com

    I am going to post pictures on the forum here.

    i wanted to know who would be interested in going through the whole painting process as far as giving advice critque on current progress.

    All in all an interactive painting experience where people come together to discuss ideas and give suggestions and techniques.

    now i know there is plenty of articles on painting, but id like to get people involved in it with me.

    sound fun lol?

    ill post pictures either later tonight or tomorrow morning of my current progress and hopefully, with help from you guys get started on a group effort

    heres a prethanks to anyone thats willing to dive in :beer:

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    count me in mate love w.i.p threads

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    awesome ive been painting for years but really want to get into the fine details i did some work last night on the dread but im gonna post pics as i said that way its the best it can be with help of a bunch of people

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    That\'s what these forums are FOR :D
    Welcome to the boards btw

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    thanks dan,

    i cant wait to see what you guys have to say when i post the first stage of paint

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    welcome to the boards. fyi we have awip sections so you would get more traffic if you posted this in there

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    figures im a noob lol and its the next thread down

    well anyways heres the start:

    i did a grey to black fade and just now starting the base coat of brown for nmm gold

    lemme know what u guys think

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    ok so heres night two of painting started th gold nmm on the model....

    still in process but it took me a few hours to get it to this point

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    excellent work thekid420, can\'t give any tips but a can say it looks good.

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    Looks good. Hows about adding a tad of blue to the upper reflections of the steel/iron and a tad of brown to the lower sections. Since its shiney metal it should pick up colour of the sky and earth unless its in the iron warriors homeworld which i would imagine to be greys like it already is. Just a thought :)

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    Yeah - looking pretty good :)

    I reserve judgement till I see how you handle that pesky gold/bronze/copper NMM :D

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    dan what do you mean by the gold bronze copper nmm that picture i have up there from last night is it lol....
    any tips on making it better im all ears lol

    and darkart, im starting to not like the nmm for the steel for some reason it just doesnt fit the model and i dont know if i messed up the front armour plate by adding a horizon line...

    any ideas on maybe a free hand design or something a little more subtle there than nmm it just makes the gold look dumbed down a bit

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    oh and p.s.

    i ABSOLUTELY LOVE, its a strong word

    but none the less love love love

    vallejo glaze mediums anyone trying to do wet blending and color transitions it is a must have.
    i didnt use it untill i did the gold nmm
    which is probably why im not happy with the greys now lol

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    heres day 3 of nmm project

    didnt do much work today because im exhausted from work but nonetheless

    heres some pics,

    let me know what you guys think

    wow im getting a little crazy every time i do something im taking a picture of it lol

    it will pay off when i can see the whole process at the end

    im really hoping this mini will get me a score better than a 6 like i usually get though but all in all its still fun as hell to try

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    Well that looks pretty good to me :D admittidly I know nothing about nmm but still there can\'t be much wrong with that!

    I like the \'mountain\' effect you\'ve done with the silver on the front right side, looks alot better than the flat shades in the first pics. The damage looks really great too as does the yellows you\'ve used.

    Fantastic IMO :beer:

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    This looks magnificent. That is all :)

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    thanks guys i appreciate the thumbs up

    its good to see you like what ive got so far

    its still a long road lol

    cheers :beer:

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    it does look great, but i would suggest having a pure white highlight on the very bottom of the highlight right before the dark spot. on both the gold and silver, but thats just my thoughts.
    Again it still looks good, but it just doesnt look complete without that highlight.

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    hmm i keep thinking that to lol

    but im scared to do it :o:wow:

    im thinking i may leave it untill i finish the rest of the upper boddy before i start the head.

    but i 100% agree with you it looks almost dull right?

    where do u suggest do u think the angled lines of yellow and grey are fine or do they need more highlights also

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    The angled lines need highlights/shadows in the exact same place as the right side. As you are doing SENMM, the horizon line does not change, so the reflections need to stay the same throughout the peice(on flat surfaces) to look convincing.

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