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Thread: test your color IQ

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    I got a ten, which isn\'t bad as this is my 12 day in a row working and creating an online store for work :)


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    woo hoo.. score of 4

    for an old git..lol

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    I got a seven here. My green/blue perception could do with some work I guess.

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    I got a 7, my blue/green apperantly is piss poor.

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    It\'s not really an I.Q. test as it\'s has nothing really to do with intelligence but rather more to do with perception. Anyway I scored a paltry 94 which is not surprising as I am actually colourblind. What did surprise me was that I was equally as good with the red end, which I\'m meant to be rubbish at, as I was with the blue end, which I\'m meant to be able to see better than the average person. I was pretty poor at the green one as they tend to turn into various shades of grey for me.

    I did find that I was able to change my perception of some of the hues by concentrating hard on them. The brain is a weird thing, it will automatically fill in things based on prior knowledge. When Thunderhawker did his orange krush orks I automatically saw them as green. Only when someone pointed out that they were orange did I realise and even then I had to sit and think \"those are orange\" before I could see it.

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    Sigh 37....

    I blame the MONITER! lol
    I guess that I should have rested my eyes abit more. Those colorbars where starting to do funny things to me:drunk:

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    i can\'t even see a difference in half of them!

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    Retest at 3!!!!

    I feel so much better now! I can function as a person again and reconnect to society!

    I\'M SOMEBODY! :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

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    I will get the guys at work in the studio to try this out on Monday as am home now.. should be interesting as we are all illustrators and 2 are very colouredblind.. I will post their results next week.:D

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    I got 11
    and my eye are stinging :(

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    Originally posted by AvelornI thought some of the hues weren\'t exact though. 2 of the bricks were a bit darker then the colour I would have predicted.
    Yeah, here, too. I kept moving them around but it was obvious they were supposed to be where they were but they were just a touch too dark. Most of the blocks were very obvious IMO; I think I spent about two minutes taking the test.

    I got a 3, with the blue-green being flagged as my \"problem\" area. Maybe I can\'t see that, maybe it\'s the monitor. Dunno, but 3 is fine by me.


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    lol finally sat down and did it.

    what do i win?!

    my brain hurts

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    I\'m sure most problems are due to our monitors not being calibrated exactly. Didn\'t think of that in my tired mode.

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    4 here. I was surprised.

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    I got \'0\'

    You have perfect color vision!

    Not bad for 30

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    I only did the first of the four rows - couldn\'t be bothered with the others, but when I looked at the graph they were all zero, so not bad :)


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    Cough (48) couch cough!

    Stupid eyes, I\'m off to poke them with a screw-driver.


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    I wonder if the mini-painterly types would score better than \"civilians\" due to obsession with color and paint mixing? Is this a skill that can be trained or is the perception simply inherent?

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    got a score of 3 here. all those years in traditional handprinting and colour grading to within 3cc\'s havent gond to waste.

    eye\'s are now seeing floaty green blocks though :(

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