Miniature Mentor releases Julien Casses Rat-Ogre tutorial. This tutorial demonstrates the most advanced techniques we have covered to date. We strive to present videos that build upon the techniques in previous releases so that you're always learning something new. In this month's release paint guru Julien Casses draws from 3D animation and illustration to elevate the current state of miniature painting. The core concepts of Global Lighting, Skin Translucence (Sub-Surface Scattering) and Nuance Washes are thoroughly explored. Watch how Julien seamlessly blends each of these techniques on the Kraken Editions Carlos to produce a masterpiece result. Available now as an instant download for $25.00US. DVD to be announced.

We've been swamped with emails about rust and weathering. So much so in fact that we've decided that having only one tutorial demonstrating these techniques (Quentin Smith's War-Jack) was not going to be enough. So, at the risk of producing a duplicate tutorial, we searched high and low to find someone who was doing things just a little bit differently. Master painter Mathieu Fontaine has agreed to spill the beans on how he paints these awesome corrosion effects using oil paints. OIL PAINTS!

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