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    Default Adobe Help, please

    I know very little about Adobe, I have a few Microsoft picture manager type programs but can\'t get any real results I\'m happy with from them.

    I saw the great tutorials here and tried to look into getting Photoshop.

    But I can\'t make any sense of anything, from the Adobe website I just get Photoshop CS4, CS4 Extended, Elements 7... can\'t I just get Photoshop anymore? Do these do the same as photoshop? Are they all this expensive? (CS4 is something like £350!!)


    Thanks for reading and sorry for being such a noob :redface:

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    Ok Photoshop has gone through several incarnations and is now at Version CS4.
    And yes it is generally that expensive.

    You could try looking up the article on GIMP by War GriffonHere as this is a free image manipulation program.

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    Thanks for your help, it\'s much appreciated :beer:

    Great link too, will look into this

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