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    Hi Guys,

    Can some please explain what a Marco lens does... Other than get a little closer???

    Spacemunkie has gave me alot of advise (thanks Spacemunkie) but i\'m still very confused about this photography business :cry:

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    its a Macro lens, it allows you to get really close and still be able to focus
    a separate lens would only really apply to DSLR\'s
    you really only need to make sure your camera has a macro function usually depicted by a flower on the button

    close-ups with your compact

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    Have a read of this:

    Wikipedia knows almost as much as Google....

    It\'s simply \'close-up\' photography. Strictly speaking \'proper\' macro lenses will capture objects lifesize or larger comparative to the sensor/film.

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    Does this help:

    Where 1:1 is lifesize, 2:1 is twice lifesize and so on. 1:2 would obviously be half lifesize....

    I\'ve used 35mm film frames there. Most digital sensors that us mere mortals can afford are much smaller. The 5 cent coin shot is an example.

    Of course this is not the end of the story as when you view at full resolution (or an enlarged print from a neg...) the image looks like this:

    You can imagine how the 5x magnification ant would look blown up that big!!!

    This is a teeny pic of a 4 or 5:1 shot...

    A lens that\'ll do half lifesize or bigger is more than enough for web resized mini pics. Pretty much any halfway decent compact digital will let you do that these days, so stick the thing in macro mode, whack it on a tripod and take some pics!

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    bloody showoff! ;)

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