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    Finally got it done, I am very pleased with this and hopefully when I paint the rest of the squad they will all turn out as well as the first. I went back and added a glaze or two of purple in the recesses of the skin and also over the lip which I think has helped the final look though frustratingly every time I have taken pics of the mini the pants have not come out anything like how they are in reality, they are quite washed out and the highlights do not show anywhere near as well as they do for the rest of the mini. Time for a rethink in my photo set up I think.

    It is now in my gallery, I have to say again that I fully enjoyed this and it was great to pant an Ork again.
    If you feel like voting or commenting then here is the link

    Thanks to all who have replied to the WIP thread and thanks in advance to any who vote and/ or comment.


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    :o awesome i love that skin :drool:

    great work :beer:


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    Lovely crisp work and gorgeous metallics as usual :) Have you thought about applying for the \'Eavy Metal job? I think your style really suits GW minis well.

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    I think it looks great, well done. I would like to try and paint some black Orcs has anyone any adive on getting the skin correct?

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    That is awesome. I love cartoony minis, and this doesn\'t disappoint.

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    Thanks guys for the replies, I just noticed that I forgot to add the rear view of the mini so I have just placed that in my gallery and it is awaiting approval doh.

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    great paintwork my friend as always :)

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    9 from me - love it, super-crisp.

    Any plans on getting the AOBR box and giving the whole army the same treatment?

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    Originally posted by Countersunk81
    9 from me - love it, super-crisp.

    Any plans on getting the AOBR box and giving the whole army the same treatment?
    funny you should say that, I think my wife has bought it and stuck it away for Christmas. So quite possibly yes thanks again for all the replies.

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    How did you do the skin? Just a wash?

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    good work - looks kind of old school, that\'s meant in a good way :D

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