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    Default Plasticard... and Germany -.-

    Okay, this is probably a really really weird question, and is also quite easily answered. I just need to find somebody who can actually answer it.
    So here goes:

    What is Plasticard? And where can I get some?

    Well, I know that it is a polymer also known as Styrene, but the problem is that I need to find all this in Germany. So what products are made out of \"Plasticard\"? From the looks of it, it seems to be roughly the same as the material credit cards are made of... Am I right? And if not, where can I buy some and what the hell is it?

    (Sorry, this is really quite brief... but it bothers the crap out of me... ever since i\'ve been reading the forums I wanted that miraculous white plating... but never found it...)

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    Plasticard is also called Sheet Styrene and comes in various thicknesses and colours White, Black & Clear.
    It also comes in textures surfaces such as Rivetted, plates and other surfaces like Cobblestones, Paving Stones..etc.
    A good supplier is Antenociti\'s workshop

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    Hmm.. is there any Germany-Based shop you guys know of?
    Or do you know what could stand synonymous for \"Plasticard\"?
    I\'m pretty good at English-German translations, but as far as I know, there is no German word for it... And I guess there would be some shops around here selling it (I live in Düsseldorf, after all...). I just need to find out WHAT to buy.
    So, another thing: What are the attributes of plasticard? Does it bend easily? Is it just rigid? What other features could I use to describe it to the shop owner?

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    Why don\'t you check out, it\'s just around GW Drakenburg Headquarters in Düsseldorf and they have these: GF9 Plasticard and much more. There is also a painting get-together every monday 16-21 o\'clock. hope to see you there soon

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    battlefield berlin has plastic card, just check their onlinestore

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    Thanks to both of you! Thats actually just what I have been looking for.

    I\'ll be looking forward to some Plasticard-Fu!

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    Don\'t know if you\'re still looking, but I found plasticard (well, it\'s thin sheet plastic- what else could it be?) in an art store in Mannheim, so there must be other art stores that sell it too. I got a large sheet for the princely sum of 1,30. They also had lots of other stuff useful to modellers. If you\'ve got a good local art store, I recommend checking it out. Mind you, Antenociti and Battlefield Berlin are also very good! :)

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