H: Gamesday 2001 Kroot NIB W: Cash
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Thread: H: Gamesday 2001 Kroot NIB W: Cash

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    Default H: Gamesday 2001 Kroot NIB W: Cash

    Hi all,

    I picked up the Gamesday Kroot in an auction and I was curious if any of you might be interested. It is NIB, but the blister is somewhat dinged up.

    I am looking or 40 cash but I am open to negoiate.

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    I have all Gamesday miniatures from 1996 to 2001. and keeping hold of them. They dont seem to be selling these days on ebay with too many ppl wanting way too much.

    Kroot is a nice miniature. Good luck in selling it..

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    I dont have the kroot but 40 is asking quite a lot for it tbh. They usually go for 15-20 when i have been browsing

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    I\'m thinking that\'s 40 USD which would be about the going rate for GD minis. At least it was a while ago, like Roy said the demand has dropped a bit.

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