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    Hi James, surely that will be this Space marine, like the last years is the miniature of the last GD, but wait to read the categories for this year, I hope that soon.

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    cheers Nano, yep I look foward to it (:

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    I should be going to Spain.
    Wether I have an entry finished is a different matter.


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    I am going (hopefuly going to tag along with Nigel and Rob - if they\'ll have me)

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    I wanna go to Spain to.. quick someone buy me a plane ticket :D

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    Has anyone got a definitive date and location for this yet?
    I need to book a flight and hotel. :(


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    This is the most news I found

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    Seems that the event has been set to May

    Here\'s a google translate of the post

    Jonathan Hart, head of events at Games Workshop Spain, we finally confirms that the Games Day 2009 is in Leganés (Madrid) the weekend of 30 and May 31.

    Para ver la noticia pulsa en Leer Más. To view the press release click on Read More.

    Se confirman finalmente los rumores que han venido apuntando a Madrid como la ciudad que acogerá el próximo Games Day 2009. It was finally confirmed rumors that have been pointing to Madrid as the city that will host the next Games Day 2009.
    El evento tendrá lugar el fin de semana del 30 y 31 de Mayo de 2009 . The event will take place the weekend of 30 and May 31, 2009. El día 30 se celebrarán los macro torneos de Warhammer Fantasy y Warhammer 40.000, y el día 31 tendrá lugar el Games Day & Golden Demon. The 30th tournament will be held the macro Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, and on June 31 will take place on Games Day & Golden Demon.

    El lugar escogido, y aprobado por Games Workshop UK, es el polideportivo Alfredo Di Stefano de la Universidad Carlos III de Leganés (Madrid), metro Leganés Central. The site chosen and approved by Games Workshop UK, is the sports Alfredo Di Stefano at the University Carlos III of Leganés (Madrid), metro Leganés Central.

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