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    Default White Dwarf Ork Nob

    Hi all,

    Here\'s my latest figure, The Ork Nob which I got on the cover of White Dwarf.

    I have always had a thing about the Badmoons clan be it the background or the colour scheme, so I had to paint this one up in my favorite clan colours :)

    I always find I get motavated to paint when I have a deadline be it Golden Demon or a Web Forum painting competition. This is my entry for the Relic News Forum painting comp.

    Voting Linky

    Hope you guys like it!


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    do you guys ever take a break lol

    great work as always :beer: good look with the comp


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    I love the chipping paint effect. My only complaint would be that the yellow is too orangy, though if you didn\'t note that it was a Badmoon I wouldn\'t have thought twice about it. It could be I\'ve been out of the 40K loop for long enough they changed from Yellow to Orange if that\'s the case then ignore me.

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    Stunning .... < speechless >

    The orange is just :)

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    top class ... not much else to say :beer:

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    I like the yellow armour you\'ve come up with and the bad moon logo on the shoulder is excellent :beer:

    The skin is I think some of the best Ork skin I\'ve seen! do you think we get the technique? :innocent:

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    very, very, well done. love the chipping on the yellow.

    My only question would be why you chose to leave the lats black- T-shirt under tank-top perhaps?

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    Wow that´s so smooooooth... :-)

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    its always interesting to see what you guys come up with outside of the constraints of work. the skin is a great colour and reallt makes it for me. not being a fluff person i like the orange, creates a different look

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    some of the best Ork skin I\'ve ever seen

    and the orange is fantastic too

    great work :D

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    :drool: can\'t say anything else as I am speechless.

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    (goes and puts his orks away...:()

    Sweet work. I do like the orangey/yellow for this guy, adds age to the armor.

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    Awesome skin tones! and orange! Yay for orange.

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    Excellent! That grungy orange is a great alternative to the standard make-your-eyes-bleed bright yellow (which I love just as much) :D


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    This is stunning!

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    What can I say - awesome work you have done here, te ork nob is a great mini (I´ve panted mini already and loved it) but yours looks far better, a great piece, the skin and armor are absolutely classy. One tiny thing - I would have painted the bad moon logo along the shoulderpad not across it (if you get what I mean). Great work man - you´re our hero!


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