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    Hi, I am looking for any experts out there who may know what resin forge world uses for there models. I currently use Smooth300. It is a little watery for me and isnt rock hard like forge worlds. Also, I have a pressure caster and have been casting my own sculpts but under pressure the resin seeps through the cracks and creates alot of flash that i have to clean up. Any thoughts on how to prevent that or any idea how forge world gets there modlels done without the excessive mold lines and flash.

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    No way to say this politely, but sometimes they don\'t. I\'ve had some miraculous casts from FW, and some terrible ones. Huge sheets of thin, see-through resin aren\'t all that uncommon for the FW stuff. Not a huge hassle, but kinda disappointing all the same.

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    forgeworld dont use one specific resin at the moment. They have several companies casting stuff for them. Back when it was primarily one company doing it I think that they were using something like a F26 polyurethane resin, probably supplied by MCP or Bentley chemicals.

    They cast with vaccumm rather than with preasure,l same idea just the other way arround. Rather than trying to shrink the bubbles they suck them out.

    Seepage suggests that you are cutting your moulds straight or if you are making two part moulds then not binding them properly before you cast. This is a good two-part tutorial but more suited to larger figures

    this should also be helpful

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    EXcellent. I really appreciate the helpful sights. Anything helps when you have to teach yourself.

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    ive got a winged hive tyrant from Forgworld and it had some hellish flash, enough that ive had to pretty much resculpt half of its jaw. there were some pretty bad mould lines too.
    i guess you get bad ones even from them

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