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    Ok, so I\'m thinking of taking up a martial art probably after Christmas, as not having much to do after uni is driving me mad (used to play WoW about 2+ hours everynight :P)

    I used to do Taekwondo when I was younger, but not for long a few months or so, but I enjoyed it

    And last new year I tried to take up Kickboxing, but I err managed to injure myself in the first session and was kinda too embarassed to go back.


    TKD, or Kickboxing, or BOTH :D (depending on nights etc)

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    For me personally \"kick boxing\" isn\'t even a martial art... it\'s a sport with roots in Muay Thai which used to be an effective martial art.

    Similar to Judo / Jujutsu.

    At least TKD is a proper martial art, albeit a bit one sided.

    Good luck getting a proper answer though as \"the best martial art\" is like the best girlfriend... everyone has their own reasons and thoughts.

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    I\'d point you at Aikido, personally. Not that I know any. I just think it\'s cool.

    That, or Tai Chi.

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    Let me answer your question with another question....

    Why just settle for being in better physical condition with more body confidence and self defence training? How would you feel if I told you of a past time that, when perfected, would make you not only physically invincible, but also smarter, and physically more attractive?

    Beer sir! Lots of it! Canadian beer for best results.

    If you choose not to go for that then I guess my question for you is what are your goals? What do you want to get out of this experience? If it\'s for a great workout etc then either is fine, but if you want to really improve for self defense then maybe you should consider more options.

    I think the most important things for you to consider is the place you will be taking classes, and the people you\'re going to be learning from. I was crap at karate, but I really hated my instructor so I wound up quitting. Can you really take a guy named \"Sensei Ken\" seriously?

    Find a place you\'re thinking about attending regular and ask if you can attend a few drop in classes. It\'s a great decision but don\'t rush into it. I haven\'t bother much in a long, long time but I had a roomate who was heavy duty into it and these were some of the things he told me he tells people to look fro when thinking of starting out in any form of martial arts, or even any form of group exercise.

    Good Luck!

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    Either tbh mate, as both will be good for keeping fit and both will teach self defense.

    Though muay thai is something you should check out as it is i\'ve heard really physically demanding, probably more than those two.

    Also kendo is always what i\'ve wanted to do.

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    the fact that your asking which martial art you should take up, means you shouldn\'t be looking to take one up yet.

    find out what martial arts teachers are in your area and go talk to them.
    you need to feel at ease with your tutor yet still have respect for them.
    otherwise you may as well just take up running (still gets you fit and can save your arse!)

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    Generul i dont really think he was saying tell me what martial art to take up. But which of the two do people prefer, by saying he used to do both shows he knows the instructors to some extent and the styles of both.

    Being a thread then people have added their opinion on others.

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    If you\'re after self-defence rather than the art, then I\'d do KB. TKD, as you know, is a lot more technique and patterns.

    Or you could always try and find a school that teaches mixed martial arts.

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    Depending on your goals (I like MMA for example and have trained Jiu Jitsu and Shooto - freestyle fighting) it will affect which MA is suitable for you.

    What\'s your aim? fitness? be able to actually fight?

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    \"If you\'re after self-defence rather than the art, then I\'d do KB. TKD, as you know, is a lot more technique and patterns.\"
    Dan, those are what makes self defense work. Those things are acutally practicing the application of the technique.
    Any idiot can go put on gloves and smash each other in the face on a mat. If thats what you\'re looking for, go to a bar.
    Martial arts are physical, mental, and spiritual. Not a sport. If you\'re looking for a sport, go do mma or buy a basketball.

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    I think DaN\'s point was more about needing to fight to learn to fight. While you will EVENTUALLY learn to fight off an attacker...possibly even reliably so, with TKD, you\'d spend several years getting there, where as in KB you\'ll get there alot sooner, they\'ll throw you in the ring and knock you around a bit right off the bat.

    You can\'t learn to fight kicking air and entering tournaments where you can\'t hit the face or groin, etc. Of course someone who takes a martial art will be more prepared for violence since they\'ve got the general concepts on how to throw a punch (or kick in TKD), break a board, etc but they still get the snot knocked out of them by any street punk who\'s been in a few dozen real fights. This is probably not the same outcome for kickboxers who don\'t expect the referee to stop the fight the first time they get socked in the nose. I mean, you can\'t be ready and calm and in control when you\'re head is being beaten regardless of how well you perform your tai chi routine UNLESS you\'ve experienced the pain and fear a few times.

    I\'m not a psychopath or anything, I\'m not suggesting you need someone to beat on your face. But, if you want to learn to defend yourself, you need to put yourself into the scenario. I think martial arts and self defense are dangerous in this way. They make people think they\'re alot tougher and safer than they are...almost super human. I have seen what happens when someone who isn\'t quite as ready as they think tries to demonstrate their \"ability\" and on more than one occassion it\'s ended alot worse than it could have if they\'d been more realistic.

    I think the terms \"defending myself\" and \"fighting\" mean the same thing, you can avoid violence all you want but when you get down to fighting your way out of something, either you\'ll have experience or you will not.

    So, not surprisingly, I\'ll vote for kick boxing. Martial arts have a beauty all their own, I took them for several years when I was younger, started when I was 6 up to and through Jr High (Karate and Judo). In High School I was still a big enthusiast but studied on my own mostly, leaning heavily towards more combat orientated disciplines like Jeet Kune Do (my buddy was a huge Bruce Lee fan boy), boxing and kickboxing.

    So yeah, in short, TKD, Karate, etc are great, but not for defending yourself, IMO. If you don\'t notice all the flaws in %99.99 of the martial arts movies, like how their arms are fully extended when they contact the target...and the target gets knocked out or explodes into splinters...then you will shoot down my post in flames.

    Don\'t get me wrong, I do still have a great deal of love and respect for martial arts, but there is a misconseption that they are mainly teaching self defense. The reality, in my experience, is that is a minor part of the whole. Even if they focus on \"combat\" it\'s typically \"tournament\", yeah, not helpful out in the real world...again IMO.

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    Man, so much depends on who\'s teaching you but generally I\'d go with Taekwondo.

    What do you want to get out of it?


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    Originally posted by ScottRadom
    Why just settle for being in better physical condition with more body confidence and self defence training? How would you feel if I told you of a past time that, when perfected, would make you not only physically invincible, but also smarter, and physically more attractive?

    Beer sir! Lots of it! Canadian beer for best results.
    This would be the start of the best infomercial ever.

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    Try Jeet Kun Do, it is a great self defense course to study.

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    Wasn\'t JKD the Kung Fu style Brucey-baby invented? (RIP)

    I did Kung fu for a few years when I was VERY small, tried karate but didn\'t like it, did TKD for about 2 years, and I\'ve currently been doing Kickboxing/MMA for about 2 1/2 years.

    I\'ve had a few competitions and not utterly disgraced myself :P

    My point for self defence was PARTIALLY that QuietiManes (ty) but also that TKD is mainly kicking, and in most instances where you actually need to defend urself, you will be in quite cramped conditions, where you will need to be able to use any part of your body to defend/attack.

    Of course, the best method of defence is not to get IN a fight in the first place.

    And if you do - don\'t hang around in case they have mates! :P

    But also agreed that all forms of Self defense/martial arts/fighting sports all have their merits - I would just do the one you end up ENJOYING the most.

    If you enjoy DOING it, it will give the incentive to improve.

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    Im pretty expierenced in japanese Goju karate. I study at a very very tratidional school(we speak barley any english in class)...been doing that for about 9 years now. Did Kung-fu for 5 years before that.
    Martial arts are great because, they all work. They all do what they\'re designed to do if applied properly. But, it depends on the teacher in my opnion. Find someone that you feel good about spending your money on.

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    a lot of mixed views :D

    Erm, well I used to get into a lot of fights when I was younger, I DO know how to fight, just been a while.

    Mainly for fitness, and perhaps competition (in the long run).

    I love TKD for the style, and when I was younger I used to kick a lot whilst fighting as I was really skinny, and my arms were useless.

    But I love Kickboxing for it\'s straight forwardness(word?), I think it\'s probably the most basic fighting style, but this is probably what makes it so popular, and when I went there the acclaimed warm-up was the hardest physical thing I\'ve done in a long time.

    Basicaly I would like to do both, but obviously if the class nights clash, that will be a problem, the kick boxing class that I went to runs tuesdays and thursdays, and I\'m going to find out about a TKD class this weekend, a friend from work attends.

    But if they do, I\'ll probably try a week or two at both, and see which is more physically demanding, and more to my preference :)

    JKD and Muay Thai would be nice, but I\'ve looked for a JKD place (<3 Bruce) and can\'t find any locally. Not really looked into Muay Thai, but from what I\'ve seen its VERY physically demanding, whereas I\'m just looking for those 3/4 hours a week in between uni work :p

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    has to be kickboxing for me ...nothing wrong with a good honest punch in the face (or a foot for that matter!! lol)

    full on rage in the ring .....the dude did kick me in the nuts..3 times.

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    I\'m with Ralfmetal. Nothing feels better than a good honest punch.

    I also recently been thinking for myself to do martial arts again though I would like to do MMA style learning. The two main things would be Muay Thai and Jujutsu.

    Something about Muay Thai interest me along with Jujutsu.

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    Go meet the instructors for both classes. Go with your gut. You\'re going to spend a lot of time with this person, you should like the way they communicate.

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