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    Default kit sculpting ULTIMATE l@@k

    this is federica, tyron\'s wife!!!
    i\'m selling this wonderful kit sculting ... complete of all you need to sculpt!!!
    look the photo!!!
    there is:
    a BIG green stuff
    brown stuff
    2 models to model as you want ^^
    a circular PVC BASE professional
    a lime
    a rope of Copper
    1 fimo
    1 cork

    look the photo it is complete of all!!!
    the price is 29 euro + shipping (it depends where you live^^)
    so contact me on my email
    hurry up!!! :):):):D

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    Originally posted by DaN
    A LIME!? ??? lol

    Aaargh, i must create another account for my wife! lol
    Sometimes she\'s creative... we don\'t know so well english, but she has too much fantasy!!! :D

    And she wrongs, SHIPPING IS OFFERED whatever you live! :beer:

    .... and if you want, we can also send a true \"lime\" in the package! lol lol lol

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