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Thread: COMPETITION!!! Design my club a logo

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    i think i might do a sketch

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    Originally posted by wiccanpony
    ;) maybe a nice pink satin bow tied around one club would appeal to the Lady Gamers lollollol
    Oh now I want to do one with a Breast Cancer ribbon on it....


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    I made this real quick. You like it and would like me to try and develop it further let me know. Also if you have feedback on how you would like it improved let me know.

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    Its really not right (unless you took the photo, or paid for it on a stock photo website) to use other peoples photos on a sign that you can potentially get paid for.....

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    This was just a rough. To give an idea or design that may be suitable. If it were approved I would used an image I paid for. I do not feel like being sued.

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    I didnt mean to direct that to only you, aliengod.:beer:

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    @AG I think that\'s bloody brilliant (see what I did there?) however it\'s possibly a bit graphic to display on the posters which will be going up in local colleges and the Uni common rooms. I wouldn\'t want them to be removed because they offended peoples sensibilities. It\'s unfortunate as I really like that one, I don\'t know what you could do to make it less gory though.

    @ Recoil We are ostensibly a non-profit organisation and we\'d only end up with a very small coverage so the chances of us getting sued are very small. You are right though, to avoid any kind of legal issues it would certainly be best if people submit things that are entirely their own work.

    As far as deadlines go I reckon we\'ll give it two weeks from today and see how many entries we get. If we need any more we can always extend it.

    Edit: You fell into the same trap as Gilvan, it\'s Klub with a K not a C lol

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    @ Recoil: No biggie, you made an excellent point :drunk: :)

    @ Undave: I will play around with the design and try to make something less graphic and more conservative. I was not aware that this would be placed in areas that it may be seen as offensive :) I will try to come up with a couple of roughs and post them in the next day or so.

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    Here are a couple more

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    Everyone please feel free to submit as many designs as you like. There\'s certainly no limit on the number of entries allowed, in fact I\'d like to see as many as we can possibly get lol

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    Originally posted by Recoil889
    I didnt mean to direct that to only you, aliengod.:beer:
    I realize that was at me as well. I had a response right away but decided to do some research before replying.

    I didn\'t think in any way taking a photo and modifying it for a contest would be illegal. The site that immediately comes to mind is On it people take all kinds of pictures of scenery, animals, celebrities and do interesting and wonderful things to them in Photoshop. I know 99% of the people on there aren\'t buying or taking these photos. So my initial thought was that there is nothing wrong with doing what I did.

    I did some google searching, and now I\'m not sure. Some sites seem to suggest something like this a fair use of public domain, others seem to think it\'s copywrite. Unfortunately I can\'t seem to find one \'right\' answer. I have a feeling it may be different in different countries as well. Many seem to suggest that using a public image for personal use if fine. To me this pretty much falls under personal use, except for the fact there is a reward being offered for the contest.

    I\'ll freely admit the club came from a site that sells replica weapons, the bow, I have no clue, just grabbed it after googling breast cancer support. Heck if you can use it guilt free by not paying me, go that way if you really like it (though I think I prefer Aliengod\'s myself).

    If there is any chance that there could be legal issues, don\'t use it.

    I still wonder when it becomes my creation and not someone else\'s. Aka how much I would have to modify it before it\'s no longer considered a use of the original\'s copywrite.

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    the way i see it, is if you are using their copyrighted original image in any form of public display(aka advertising, galleries, etc) its not cool

    if its personal, no big deal

    if its just a logo for a small club of friends, again no big deal...then again if you are making a logo it probably has some advertising purpose

    small time ads)as in no money/sales) i would say no big deal, but again if it was business related->not cool

    if you can ask the artist(say on deviantart) it is always best to, usually all they want is credit for the original, or if its business related, some compensation

    the reason being theres no loss or gain for anyone creating a lawsuit over a creation not used for personal gain

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    Okay my first instincts were right, at least in Canada. This falls under \"appropriation art\" and is perfectly legal up here.

    It\'s still potentially legal in the States. It depends on how the Judge would read the law. A good precedent would be this:

    \"In 1994, Justice Sandra Day O\'Connor, writing for the Supreme Court in Feist v. Rural Telephone, reaffirmed the Constitutional basis for the 1976 Copyright Law:

    \"The primary objective of copyright is not to reward the labor of authors, but to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts. To this end, copyright assures authors the right to their original expression, but encourages others to build freely upon the ideas and information conveyed by a work. This result is neither unfair nor unfortunate. It is the means by which copyright advances the progress of science and art....[Copyright law] ultimately serves the purpose of enriching the general public through access to creative works.\" (1)

    So as far as my Country is concerned my image is legit and legal. As far as the US it might be legit and legal. I didn\'t look up any other countries laws.

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    I didnt say it wasnt legal or anything like that. Its just like if someone took a photo of a mini you painted and posted it as their own. Its not illegial, but does that make it right? My point is, as an artist, one of the first things i learned was, artists copy, thats what they do. They look at whats around them, and try to put it into a 2-d space. To give their interpritation on the subject. But, its also not right to google image a club, copy paste it, take some text, slosh it on there and call it done. Do somthing to change it, make it your own. But dont simply add somthing to it and then call it yours. Because its not. I based my sketch on a very old sketch that tim hildebrant did. But, although i borrowed the pose, i changed a number of things to make it my own, helmet, skin color,changed the nose, mouth etc.... I also think its pretty rediculous to go ahead and find a loop-hole to make it alright. Its simply somthing you shouldnt do.

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    Like I mentioned here in Canada it\'s no loophole. It\'s perfectly acceptable and legal. It\'s what I grew up with and why I thought \"to google image a club, copy paste it, take some text, slosh it on there and call it done\" was fine and didn\'t think twice about it. It was only your post that made me think, \"huh, I wonder if maybe this isn\'t fine\".

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    haha, you\'re missing the point. Quit trying to weasel your way out of being creative and actually producing some quality work. The difference is, you\'re selling someone elses work, and marketing it as your own. I dont care where your from or where youre not from, its wrong, and its a cop out.

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    Wow such arogance and attitidue.

    You see where you grew up you have a different idea of right and wrong then I do. Nothing I have done is a cop out and I\'m not trying to weasle my way out of anything. Noting I did is wrong in any way, the way I see things.

    I saw this thread, had some free time at work and decided to see what I could come up with in 20 minutes. Did I take any of this seriously? Was I paid to do this? Would I consider this work? Did I put much effort in? Did I say I\'m an artist and this is my latest masterpiece? No to all of those.

    You are blowing this way the fuck out of proportion. It\'s a post on a board, where some guys are looking for a pic to use as a club logo. It\'s not a contest to come up with the next Nike Swoosh.

    EDIT: Undave, my apologies for turning your club thread into a rediculous debate about two different peoples/countries views on fair use and copywrite.

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    Listen, I live in the US. Dont pretend like our countries are so different afterall.
    And incase you missed it:

    The club has decided that we can offer a prize of about £25 ($50ish) worth of cash or minis of your choice for the winner.

    i guess the issue is, you\'re not an artist. You see, i study/practice doing this as a way of living. Not some contest or anything like that. When i saw the originial post, i saw a dollar ammount being offered. That makes it a job.
    By posting a product here, you are infact attempting to sell it.

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    Geez. Calm down guys. No biggie. :P

    Sit down, have some cake :D

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