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    Default Chaos Giant, Gold UKGD 08

    Hello all !

    This is my giant, finally take some pics ^^ !
    Start painting it 10/12 days before the golden demon, for maybe 80-100 hours.
    I finish it 30 minutes before taking my car for going to the airport, the sunday of the GD ^^ !

    Thanks a lot to Mathieu Lalain and Sébastian Archer for all the inspiration they give me. The shield of the giant is totally a dedicace to Sebastian, even if mine is really, but really really less good than his Lathiem\'s shield :p !

    Congrats also to all the winner of this year, and again to Nano for his second sword !!!
    Was also very happy to be on the podium in monster with Adrian Bay. Adrian you are trully a great painter and human ! (But i\'ll never follow you again in the mud for going to the pavillon, NEVER !!

    I also want to thanks all the Cmoner that i have seen at the restaurant. It was very fast, i don\'t see a lot of people, but it was a funny moment. Will be present next year for sure !

    Oh, and i also post the link of the mini here with the pics, just to thanks all the snipers for the interest they give to me ! 7.2 woooow great ! But i was thinking they can be better than that ! You have a target, use your bullets if you find pleasure on it :):):) ! :drunk::drunk:

    Again thanks for all the kind word at the UKGD, hope that you\'ll love the mini ! And if it\'s not the case, great also it\'s by critic that we improve :) !

    I\'m returning to Heroes season 2 lol !

    Cheers !

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    saw this on the day in the cabinets !!!! inspirational stuff :o:o:o

    these pics dont do this mini any justice at all !!

    this was one of my favorites for the sword, shame it didnt get it

    congratz on the demon


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    I thought this was destined for the sword too... stunning!

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    Beautiful painting.
    Was a pleasure looking at this.
    Well done on the gold.


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    Didn\'t see this as I wasn\'t at GD but heard all the talk about it since so I\'ve been keeping my eyes peeled for pics.

    Got to say the hype was justified.
    Truly beautiful piece of work man and I imagine it looks better \'in the flesh\'.

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    great stuff ......excellent range of colours in the skin.
    though the clothing seems a little too clean for my tastes. :beer:

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    it was the dogs bollocks mate, fantastic piece of work that realy was a joy to view.

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    holy crap :o

    I just voted, 10 of course, and was very offended to find that after 60 votes it is only an 8.6. It is very immature and pathetic that there are people who visit this site that are so jealous of talented painters that they ruin their CMON score by voting horribly.

    Julien do not take the score it has personally. All the people who have true respect for this site know very well that this mini should be nothing less then a 9.5. Great work!

    I also purchased your miniaturementor tutorial which is great! I learned alot from watching it :)

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    I have no idea how folk vote sometimes. Sure, it\'s gone up to 9 at the moment, and that\'s great, but this has got to be worth more than that. It was great to see it in the cabinets at GD, but I have to confess the lighting and the crowds made appreciating it difficult (although I knew it would have got a demon!), so it\'s nice to see the photos of it.

    It\'s a wonderful piece.

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    beautiful use of light, shadow and belly hair!!! This is amazing!!! And hey, you can never go wrong by mimicking Seb!!!

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    Message original : olliekickflip
    beautiful use of light, shadow and belly hair!!! This is amazing!!! And hey, you can never go wrong by mimicking Seb!!!
    Yeah like you said, difficult to go wrong by learning with that kind of painter :Dlol !
    I receive some PM and mail asking me for the skin color.
    So i take it also here !

    So :

    Base : Tallarn Flesh GW foundation
    Shadow : Tallarn Flesh + sanguine base P3 (Sort of red gore GW)
    Sanguine base
    Sanguine base + purple
    Dark Purple

    Hightlight : Creams (Menoth White base in general)
    Creams and white

    Nuances : Scorpion green, sanguine base, Andrea Color Turquoise

    And it\'s all :) !

    Oh and people ask me also if i use airbrush, and the answer is no lol. Mine is broken since many month, and i\'m sad of that because it should have be really really helpfull during the painting lol !!!

    For the Chaos icons, in fact it\'s to concentrate the spectator eyes on the giant. To brake the \"leak lines\". For example without the icons on the right, there was a big hole between the giant and the menhir. And the eye was going directly in that hole, at the place of going on the giant. :(

    So it\'s only a way to help the eye going on the mini. After it\'s something that works the mini in hand, with picture we loose the 3 dimensions and the depth.

    But more i\'m looking the mini, more i\'m thinking the left icons is maybe not exactly at the exact good place, too near from the giant. It work like that, but more i\'m reading the comments, more i\'m thinking this part can be improve. Have to work on that :):) !

    Thanks again for comments here and on the mini :) !

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    the best giant i hav seen, having painted one of these (albeit to a lesser standard!!) its even more amazing you did it in just a few days. i thought may have got the sword. congratulations on the gold - well deserved

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    I\'m returning to Heroes season 2
    you should be up to season three by now . . .

    Anyway, just to agree with everyone else that it looked excellent in the cabinets at GDUK, Nice to get a view of the back of the figure with the shield. Now I wish even more I\'d attended your workshop at the world expo as well as JMPN\'s . . .

    Good luck with whatever you do next

    And I won\'t be following Adrian across the grass either !!

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    The best giant together with that of karaikal... i\'ve no words, it\'s incredible real and perfect!
    10 cum laude. :)


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    Superb, I wish I even had a place to start painting your way, stunning transitions, and well done on the win :D

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    It\'s just freaking amazing.... didn\'t get a chance to get close to the cabinets and see it properly on the day... but the skin tones are just SOOOO nice...

    I must have a go at painting one of these guys one day!!! :-)

    Big time congrats on the demon!


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    good stuff, congrats

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