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    Good Evening,

    Im looking for some tips on painting tights ie the sheerness and the see through like quality. I have piucked up the red riding hood miniature:

    And am really stuck on figuring out how to do the tights.

    Any help, tips, tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Whatever colour you chose for the tights, \"highlight\" with skin colour. This means that even if you do them in a lighter colour than the skin you should mix skin colour into the highlights. Glaze over the highlighted areas with the base colour a couple of times, and if necessary, glaze with the highlight colour inbetween.

    Look at reference material to see what I mean.

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    paint them just like the skin and then use glossy white for the glazes like i showed you.
    to get rid of the gloss just add matt medium to the glossy white glaze

    no chalkiness and much easier. :D

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    Whatever colour you chose for the tights, \"highlight\" with skin colour.
    Yep, that\'s the method in a nutshell.


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    I might add, as well, that on top of wrinkles, or any other surface that is not in contact with the skin underneath, you should paint the fabric more as if it was opaque.

    Here\'s a good example of what I mean, by Mathieu Lalain:

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    I would suggest you look at the works of Alexiz and mrika being girlies they have a great idea of how it should look and have a few examples between them. (other miniature painters also available).. lol

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