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    ok, pretty dumbass question, but im gonna just bit the bullet and ask. if you use paintstripper on gw green stuff and milliput will it just melt and ruin the sculpt/ conversion?
    thanks for the help

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    Can do, yes. Much better to ask the question than try it and have a disaster!

    Some things you can use for stripping may not affect certain epoxy putties badly but you can get minor surface roughness or lifting of edges. Best to test first if in doubt.


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    It\'s a good question and I really don\'t know. I do know that soaking a mini in hot water and detergent causes epoxy putty to soften (it crumbles off) but I don\'t know if it re-hardens.

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    I`ve not long stripped a old converted figure (milliput based sculpting) with acetone (nail polish remover....much to the wifes disgust) worked really well and did not effect the putty...not sure how GS would react though.

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    greenstuff doesnt like acetone, it starts lifting away and goes all weird and loses all its strength. i dont think ive found a GS freindly way of stripping yet
    not tried it with others though

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