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Thread: your favourite book/film/song

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    Originally posted by Davyboy74

    Book: Hagakure

    Film: Glengarry Glen Ross

    Song: Fools Gold by The Stone Roses

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    Couldn\'t possibly pick just one of each. If I did I would become so tired of them in the end that I\'d start hating them.
    That\'s quite right, so I add a disclaimer to mine:

    They are my favourite at this very point and will change many times in my life. :beer:

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    Book: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
    Song: Oxygene - Jean-Michel Jarre (it\'s really long)
    Movie: Jumpin\' Jack Flash.

    Yeah, I know. It\'s a ludicrous movie, but my mom and I watched it whenever we
    had a crappy day, and it never failed to cheer us up.

    Still works, too.

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    Too hard to narrow it down to just one in each category. After all, variety is the spice of life.

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    The colour of Magic
    six underground

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    Current favorites:

    Movie - Grease

    Book - Ender\'s Game

    Song - Watching You (Rodney Atkins)

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    Well for me it would be:
    Book: Foundation (Asimov)
    Movie: Terminator 2
    Song: Smoke on the Water (the live version form \'Purplexed\')

    The book was the most difficult one to decide on, because I have really read quite a lot of books and there are extremely many other great ones. Movie and song were very easy - no movie has so far matched T2 since I saw it in 1993 - perfect movie. Same for Smoke on the water.


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    movie: shawshank redemption (or star wars if i am allowed a trilogy!)

    can\'t name any of the others

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    Book: Chronicles of the Black Company
    Film: Lord of the Rings.. I guess
    Song: Trespassing the Shores of Your World by Heaven Shall Burn

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    Book: First & Only

    Film: Shaun of the Dead

    Song: Don\'t stop believing by Journey. it\'s so cheesey it\'s great


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    I can\'t do this list as there are so many I class as \"Favourites\" that I couldn\'t just choose One of each.

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    Originally posted by squidders
    The colour of Magic
    six underground
    i\'m reading colour of magic next, just finishing hogfather, think i will read Mort again too after that

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    yes, thats realy hard, but I try to limit myself:

    book: Kushiels Avatar

    film: Edward Scissorhands

    song: johnny cash: hurt

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    tricky this one, as constantly read books and listen to a wide variety of music.

    film. Kingdom of Heaven, (metal box extended version)

    music. presently listening to Metallica\'s latest album.

    Book. The Terry Goodkind, Sword of Truth series, (waiting for last one in paperback)

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    Originally posted by darklord
    if you could only have one film, one book and one song what would they be?

    mine would be:
    Book - Lord of the rings (cheesy i know!!)
    Film - Apocalypse Now
    Song - Where love lives - Alison Limerick
    Mine would be
    Book - Lord of the Rings (me too!!!)
    Film - Big Fish
    Song - Hotel California (The Eagles)

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    Wow so difficult.

    Book: I like books about modelling (currently really like Military Modelling Manual).
    Film: The Big Lebowski
    Song: Massive attack - Teardrop

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    Book: Wasp Factory
    Film: The Commitments
    Song: Stir It Up - Bob Marley

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    Book- Corum by Micheal Moorcock
    Song- Attack by the Exploited
    Film- Escape from Newyork

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