What do you do with your minis?
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Thread: What do you do with your minis?

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    Default What do you do with your minis?

    Someone asked me to bring in anything I\'ve done to show them what mini painting is the other day and the only thing I could think to do was bring in a couple of things I\'m working on. Why? I don\'t keep my minis. I\'ve given them all away as gifts. I suppose I should be selling them but I\'m a big softie so I\'ve given them all away. That got me wondering. How many of you actually KEEP your minis and if not what do you do with them?

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    I have only parted company with three minis, sold two, traded one for a subway when i was really hungry.

    Thats the reason when i moved house i had 7 boxes rather than 6 because one was full on minis.


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    I keep \'em! Well, most of them, at least. I do the occasional commission and I paint stuff for Wyrd when time allows, and I don\'t keep those. But, the rest I keep. I don\'t do much with them, really. I put them in a small cabinet that is becoming more and more crowded.

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    I keep mine. All of the painted ones are out on display in my gaming room. In my entire painting history I have parted with two minis, one to an Ex-Girfriend, which I got back when she became Ex and one to my Mom.

    Mine are divided up on different shelves, one for Fantasy, one for Sci-Fi, one for my Orc and Goblin Army, two for D&D minis, one for Mechwarrior minis. I also have a really nice glass and wood display case that holds my best painted stuff, a Mordhiem warband and my Space Hulk stuff.

    Besides display I would love to say I use all of them for gaming, but I don\'t really. Unfortunately I don\'t get too much gaming use out of most of them. I\'m currently running D&D 3.5 so the D&D minis and occasionaly some of the non D&D fantasy minis get used, but I usually stick to the WotC pre-paints as they better reporesent the creatures I need. I also play D&D 4th Edition, Living Forgotten Realms, for that a Middenhiemer I got in a Mini Exchange acts as my Paladin of Tempus (I still have to get a pic and get him on here, he\'s one of my best minis ever). My Orc army hasn\'t hit a table in over 5 years. My Mordhiem army about 4. My other stuff it\'s probably been about 20 years since it\'s been gamed with.

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    I tend to sell 95% of mine, give away a few and a very select few I keep. Ebay gives me a reason to keep painting and it pays for the hobby.

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    I paint mine and keep them in empty ice cream tubs to protect them from dust( until I get my ass to Ikea and get a display cabinet) I like giving some away to my close friends because a couple of them love my work.

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    I keep them mostly apart from commissions. I have a huge 4 tier painting desk in my attic and they all sit in front of me while I paint.

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    Gave what little I had painted away to that Iraq gaming convention that either the Army or Air Force held (can\'t remember what service branch). Heard they were given away as prizes.

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    I keep them unless they are for a commission. So are on my shelves, some in storage.
    Occasionally, a piece goes in the display cabinet at the hobby shop, but they still come back to me.

    I\'m running out of shelf space!!

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    What does a finished miniature look like? ???

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    I eat mine with Brown Sauce. Yummy! :D

    (Ok, they actually sit on my shelves collecting dust- wish I had the space for a display cabinet! I\'ve given several to my boyfriend and I painted another as a gift for a friend- he was thrilled.)

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    What do I do with my minis? I certainly don\'t PAINT them!

    That would devalue them!lol

    I keep any that I\'ve painted in the past. I\'ve given a couple as presents to family members, although I\'m not sure they appreciate them.:(

    Although I\'ve been thinking of selling some of them soon to pay for expenses.

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    I sell mine in a desperate bid to get out of crippling debt. I also paint other people\'s
    minis for money.

    Neither is cutting the mustard. Any psychics out there with good lottery picks
    for me?

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    Originally posted by Naukhel
    Any psychics out there with good lottery picks
    for me?
    Tomorrow night\'s lottery numbers will be 10, 15, 17, 23, 37, and 42. Congratulations to Don \"Mini Painter\" Corleone. Again.

    /Mafioso Lottery Off

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    Well right now since I am getting back into painting, I will try out a new technique, realize that it sucks and then strip the mini down and try again. Some day I will actually finish one and post it as a submission.

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    occasionaly give some as gifts, but sell most as the money is needed.

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    Being a collector of minis gives the game away regarding what I do with them.

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    What does a finished miniature look like?
    That would have been my response. :D

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    I know somebody who used to work in gw mail order and they used to be able to buy minis by weight so it cost about 10p a mini and they used to paint them then chuck em in the bin and get a new one.


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    I only have a handful of minis I\'m truly satisfied with. The vast majority of what I paint I never finish, so it ends up in a box somewhere to collect dust.

    To be a perfectionist when you aren\'t a perfect painter is truly a curse. if I detect one tiny mistake I usually ditch the mini and then I start a new project. Hence, I have very many WIP\'s but very few minis in my gallery.

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