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    Default First miniature you remember buying...

    Just out of interest, what\'s the first miniature you remember buying? I think mine was either an old Blood Bowl dwarf death roller or a blister pack of space Orks, actually I might of bought them at the same time. It must have been about 1990.

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    My first mini was the Fantasy starter set from GW. Not the new one with dwarfs and goblins but the one right before the most recent one with the empire, orcs and the cheezy terrain pieces.

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    Honestly I have no idea.

    I inherited my initial collection from my Dad, which though probably pretty normal now a days was pretty odd in the early 80s.

    I can tell you I bought my first pack off of Randy at The Dragons Den and I can tell you it was Games Workshop, but I couldn\'t tell you what I bought first. I\'m guessing it was probably some Chaos Champion Pack, as that was usually what I bought. I also know that I had a coke and a Crispy bar each day for lunch for a week to be able to afford that mini by saving up lunch money, as it\'s what I did every week for the first year or so I got into minis.

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    1986, a Ral Partha wraith model. It was a crap model and got painted poorly by a ten year old me.

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    Empire Knights, recommeded to us by a GW employee. We took so much care painting those lil horsy men. There\'s nothing like your first experience I don\'t think, it\'s never quite the same...

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    my first two minis were space marine scouts with shotguns. Got em in 2003 I think, I can\'t really remember :P I spent a good week or two painting them both and glued em together with silicone rubber lol and painted the bases green with no flock or anything :D

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    My first... my first... hmmm. It was so long ago...

    I can\'t remember. I can remember a Ral Partha Dwarf box, which had 12 guys in it. And a couple of \'adventurer party\' boxes, which had 4 or 5 minis each, representing the basic classes of D&D. Those were actually pretty cool little packets, and I kind of wish they\'d kept making them.

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    My first mini was actually a set of 5 orcs. I painted the leader with a cow skin cape on, black spots and all.

    It was from Reaper and I bought it through Game Depot in Tempe, AZ

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    My first set was the old GW starter paint set. you got 9 full pots of paint, 5 snap fit marines, a brush and a little painting guide.

    It was wikkid cool.


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    The dwarf seen here, still in my collection and still with his original paintjob:

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    Back in the late \'70\'s a Ral Partha \"wanged\" bolrog. Yes, I do mean \"wanged\". It was also the first mini I ever painted and it sold as soon as the paint dried.

    It was VERY well endowed.:twisted:

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    A GW Imperial Guard Stormtrooper with plasma gun blister, back when they still had the berets. I think I still have one, and keeping with my tradition, never finished painting him. lol

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    First battle games in middle earth magazine, still got the miniatures with single block colours and full static grass bases ughh.

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    The first I bought myself was a chaos terminator blister, from the 80s. Still have the minis, but he was stripped and repainted.

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    I think it was a RAFM \"swamp creatures\" set, sculpted by Bob Murch... who oddly enough, I ended up meeting twenty years later, as his wife was my boss at my first \"real\" job after grad school.

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    Originally posted by darthfoley
    The dwarf seen here, still in my collection and still with his original paintjob
    OW! MY EYES!

    Eh. First mini bought was the dire rat that came with Reaper\'s Learn To Paint set. Probably still one of the better minis I painted... which I just realized was last seen in the Middle East. Man, shouldn\'t have sent it. Don\'t even have a picture.

    Now I sad. :(

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    It was more a pewter statue, of an Angel fighting a Demon, both with spears, mounted on a, well, mountaintop.

    Then I started buying Empire Wizards and high elves and stuff.

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    It was either the 8 pack of plastic Bretonnian archers, or an Ork bike. Can\'t remember which, but both were purchased and painted right around the same time. Late in 2001 I believe.

    Shortly after that I bought a blister of two metal Necron warriors (I thought they were cool because they looked like the Terminator) lol. Then I got the 3rd edition 40k starter, and things just spiraled out of control shortly after that! lol

    Here\'s photos for your enjoyment! I think I posted these before in the first-mini thread:


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    I remember those plastic one piece archers. They were awfullol

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    Ah yes but I still love them lol. Classic figures... They\'ll always have a place in my heart :D


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