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    Hey again,

    Here\'s a ruined tower built for Mordheim. I love the way this turned out. It\'s my first time using cast blocks to build a terrain feature and I have to confess that I\'m addicted.

    Thanks to Bruce at Hirst Art for the wonderful molds and all the advice getting the right plasters and casting techniques.

    The base is built out of 2 inch foam insulation and designed to match our modular terrain boards ( This piece is the first of a suite of ruins for our winter Mordheim campaign. In the works now are a set of shattered houses and a ruined stone inn.

    Voting link, if you\'d be so kind. =)

    I hope you like it. Please give comments and suggestions for construction, painting, photography \'n\' all.


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    is it supposed to look like weathertop? a couple of big pics would be nice so you can see the whole piece in one go

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    Nice - did you use those blocks by that website I can\'t remember? :P

    (DOH!) :rolleyes:

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    Very nice design and paint. The grass looks good too.
    Very nice stuff you have going, even if I am morally opposed to Hirst blocks.

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    @Theomar Plus: Hehe... Not all of us have your talent, Jeff. For us mere mortals, there are Hirst blocks! =)

    I mostly just followed instructions on this one. The Inn I\'m working on now is going to prove a bit more tricky. If I can finish the model this weekend, I\'ll paint next week. Lord knows when I\'ll get pics done, though. /sigh

    @DaN: The site is and Bruce is a wonderfully helpful guy. Seriously, though... this stuff is addicting. I have SO many projects I want to do now. My mini painting is seriously paying the price. Heh...

    @freakinacage: I\'ll try and take some better whole-model shots. I\'m crap with a camera, though. =S

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    Excellent terrain!

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    I think it looks excellent. Seeing this makes me wish I had friends that played mordheim so that we could make something cool like this to play on. Great work!

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    I love the Hirst Arts molds. It really is very addictive once you start.

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