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    Default Micro Art Studio and Discworld Miniatures

    Hi All

    We would like to inform that Micro Art Studio has signed an agreement with Colin Smythe Ltd., Terry Pratchett\'s agent, authorizing us to make the official Discworld miniatures.

    The miniatures representing heroes from the Disc World will be approximately 30 mm scale, metal casted.

    For a start we prepared a line of five models.

    The official release is planned on the end of October/beginning of November but if you plan to visit Spiel Messe Essen this year we\'ll have them in pre-release on our stand

    [Hall 6, stand no. 140 - center of the hall].

    Micro Art Studio

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    damn you!! this is gonna cost me!!

    too cool guys! well done
    2 questions: how much for how many? and what size/scale?

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    That\'s pretty neat, man. I\'ve never read the books but I have a lot of friends who are huge fans. I\'m sure there will be a market for these, since they\'re cool minis from a very interesting background. Good luck and congrats on taking a big step with your company :D

    BTW are they going to come with those bases? They are quite nice.

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    Ill be grabbing these guys at Spiel and playing the Discworld RPG as soon as I get home. Awesome stuff, decent D,World minis have been far to long coming

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    damn you!! this is gonna cost me!!

    too cool guys! well done
    2 questions: how much for how many? and what size/scale?

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    The scale is 30mm
    About price we still wait for the pricing from the foundry but I think that something among 6 - 8 Euro + unfortunately our super heavy tax (22%)

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    nice work guys landing the deal and rights to produce these. :)

    reckon i\'ll dig around and try to find some money to buy these when available.

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    These are going on the Christmas list.

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    I say corporal Nobby Nobbs and the Patrician next up :D

    Nice stuff

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    I look forward to all of them, but I would really like to see the Death of Rats on his own, the luggage, and all the watch! I look forward to seeing how you guys do Detritus.

    Will the CMON shop be stocking these?

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    great, they are will be on my shoppinglist.
    i hope there are more comming.:flip:

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    OMFG. This is madness. It\'s like a feverish dream, too good to be true, yet believed so earnestly.

    I think Sam Vimes and Esme might be my favorites, though Death is of course excellent. With a little putty, you could dress him up as the Hogfather.

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    Oh Yes!!
    I´m there on Thursday so I will have some of them very soon.
    Czy bedzie jakas znizka dla rodakow?;)

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    Originally posted by No Such Agency
    With a little putty, you could dress him up as the Hogfather.
    yeah that would be a cool coversion

    librarian would be good. i also want a cmot dibbler!

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    Those are quite marvellous :D

    Vimes looks mean...

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    need binky too and the bogeyman would be cool. And death as the hogfather ready for christmas!!

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    You devils! More of my money disappearing into other people\'s pockets! :cussing:

    See you at Essen Spiel! Hope there are some left by Saturday! :cool:

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