I don\'t know what\'s real anymore!
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    Default I don\'t know what\'s real anymore!

    Painting Miniatures In Photoshop

    ??? :wow: ??? :wow:

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    Yeah i\'ve seen people do this before to test color choices out.

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    That\'s pretty slick. I wish my PS skillz were good enough to make it work!

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    I\'ve seen better PS minis but none that used so simple a method. Add a little dodge and burn to add contrast and this could look even better. A friend of mine has been playing with painting minis in PS. He also toyed with the idea of making a contest.

    Interestingly I used to do this about 20 years ago using Citadel Combat Cards, a Scanner and my Dad\'s Amiga. I would scan the cards in, in black and white and then use PhotonPaint to colourize them to test out colour schemes. Basically the same thing. Never looked this good though, I think mainly due to PP not being as easy to use as PS.

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    That would be a nice article to have up here. Maybe go through the same thing but with Gimp. \"Using Gimp to Test Color Schemes\"

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    Originally posted by PegaZus
    That would be a nice article to have up here. Maybe go through the same thing but with Gimp. \"Using Gimp to Test Color Schemes\"
    Actually, I think an article written for PS would be better than GIMP. A lot of people use photoshop and learn it in school. Those of us who are proficient with open-source stuff can always get GIMPShop if we need it.

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    I always thought it would be interesting to have a separate gallery of Photoshoped stuff. I don\'t mind it\'s use, as long as the person identifies it..............just another way of painting.

    Sometimes due to time crunches I\'ve done some enhancing for the catalog shots for Armorcast - The OSL on the bot is totally \'shopped\'

    This one took a loooong time to paint and the shot needed to get to AC fast. After all that painting, the clear coat \'ghosted\' and I didn\'t have time to re do it so I just redid it digitally.

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    I\'ve done it for test schemes before, it works fine. The obvious problem with the method in that other forum is that you need to have a reference miniature which is approximately as light/dark as the color scheme you want to test out. You can modify the brightness and stuff if you want, it would just be a huge investment of time compared to the relatively simple procedure if you have a good reference pic.

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    OSL... object source lighting. I had to think about that for a minute. :rolleyes:

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    For the record, I did try this in Gimp last night, and it was surprisingly easy.

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