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    It is never easy having to go through with such an act. I had to do the same to my dog back in 2002. My dog could not walk either and she was loosing her vision, she was about 14 years old. What is worse is when we took her to the vet office all the little puppies were smelling her and being lovey towards her and she was so happy to be around other dogs. I killed me to know that she was so happy yet we were about to put her to sleep :no:

    Just want you to know you are not alone and hopefully you can find some comfort in knowing that there are people around you that have gone through the same heart ache. Although I know it does not make the situation any more easy.

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    I am very sorry for you. :(
    Its always hard, but sometimes it\'s the best you can do for your pet. I had a cat I had to put to sleep. He was 19 years old and I got him as a kid. When I think back, he was always there by my side, really cuddly and affectionate. But 3 years ago he got sick (liver and kidney stopped working) and there was nothing we could do. :( It was really hard for me and my parents. If you have a pet that long it becomes part of the family...

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    I\'m so very, very sorry. I had to put down my first cat 2 years ago, she had been my companion through some very difficult times.

    You\'ve given Bella the gift of mercy. I know it was hard, but it was a last act of kindness and love, and she would have understood. I believe we\'ll all be together in heaven with our pets someday (or else how could it be heaven, if they weren\'t there?).

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    thanks again everyone, you\'ve all made this a little easier
    Although it was a hard decision it wasn\'t a difficult one, so much inside her wasn\'t working properly, and she was clearly in some great discomfort.
    It was the right thing to do
    My only regret is that I didn\'t stay with her while she was going to \'sleep\'


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    very sorry to hear that Mick. My thought are with you.

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    so sorry for you :( i love my dog to bits so i cant imagine whats its like to make that desicion:(

    R.I.P Belly


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    Sorry to hear about your dog. I\'ve managed not to have a pet die, other family members and friends yes but none of my personal pets. So i\'m preety sure when my cat crokes it won\'t be a good day for me.

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