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    Well here is my first WIP thread on this site. What better way to post my first WIP I thought than the Terror Bird which we will be releasing within the next couple of weeks!

    First off you guys are going to have to be patient with me posting updates as it\'s hard for me to find any time to paint. Between work and school I am lucky if I get to paint a couple of hours a week. None the less I am also starting this thread to motivate myself to finish a mini as well as get some good feedback from you guys and learn.

    The first pics here are just of the Terror Bird assembled and primed. It stands at exactly 82mm tall from foot to highest point of neck. I chose to mount it on a 50mm square GW base, but when released they will come with 50mm round lipped bases.

    I will post updates of the base coat done within a couple of days at the latest.

    Thanks for looking!

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    hmm that bird rings a bell....

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    Hehe. I am glad it does. It was sculpted by Queenoftheunifrogs. SHe had a thread going on it not too long ago.

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    Now all you need are some minis of Michael Parkinson and Rod Hull ;) lol

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    ah thats a familiar sight lol, the grey is just like it was when i sent you the original. cant wait to see this painted

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    I cant wait to paint it lol.

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    I could have used a few of those about 3 weeks ago.

    We returned to the Isle of Dread in the Dungeon magazine.

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    Ok as promised here are some WIPs. First off I am not even sure whether I want to keep the dark brown and have no idea what color to do the larger feathers.

    Would love some criticism as far as color and execution, as well as some ideas on how to proceed.

    Thx everyone.

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