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    Change toughest, sturdiest and hardest painter to shortest, fattest and softest and you would be closer.

    Your wife was very cool at GD, and you are brave man to subject her to such a smelly, noisy freaky event. I dont think my marriage would survive gamesday, she would have ammunition to fire at me for years from something like that. :)

    I built myself a painting hut in my garage. Every night when my wife goes to bed I rush in there to bask in my geekdom. She thinks its a skip. Any rubbish in the house that she thinks is mine gets dumped in it.
    Many days when i open the door \"crap\" falls out. She just gives me a sweet innocent smile. Grrrrrr

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    my wife is really good with it, wants me to apply for eavy metal and win a sword (not the demons though - thinks they are ugly) even said if i did win a sword it would have to have its own room - the sword room!!
    i always ask her opinion on my work and she tells it straight. came to gd last year and was gutted couldntcome this year and is coming to fiasco too.
    only thing she doesnt like is the time i want to spend on mini\'s!

    family are cool with it. mum likes them as do my brothers. wifes family thik they are great too gaining the usual repsonse of \"how do you paint something so small\"

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    My husband was delighted when I got into the hobby because it meant he could stop being a closet gamer.
    We now have a hobby room split fairly equally - but we have our own paints - as I don\'t share - and he doesn\'t always wash is brush before dipping into a pot!
    (although to be fair he\'s got much better as he\'s taken more of an interest in painting to make it look good and not just get a unit done in 15 mins)

    We got my brother into gaming, so he is very cool about it. The other brother thinks it\'s a bit sad and geeky - but he bought my brother minis for his birthday - so he\'s not that bad.

    My mum is \'amazed\' at painting so small and thinks anything I do is great - but isn\'t really that interested and can\'t tell the difference between a good or a bad job. She likes it if I win something.

    My dad used to make model aeroplanes but isn\'t interested in what we do at all. HA! I\'m painting him something for Christmas so that\'ll show him.

    My husband\'s family don\'t know much about him at all.

    My gran has sent money for Christmas and I took great delight in sending her a photo of me and some tyranids that I spent the cash on. I doubt she understood. She\'s very artistic though and has one medals at Chelsea Flower Show and has just taken up watercolour painting. Maybe I can start her on busts? I think she might like historical stuff.

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    well im pretty lucky i guess.
    My wife is very supportive (working in Eavy Metal means i cant really hide it anyway) but the last three GamesDays she\'s come along and entered Golden Demon getting through to the final each time. She even help me paint my orks for the tale of four gamers article, and still likes to see what im doing. My step son is 16 now so although he dabbled for a bit, there are now hormones to contend with and girls win over toy soldiers i guess. My familly and my wifes familly all think waht i do is amazing and still cant quite understand how peeps can paint so small. Most of my friends play 40K anyway, plus it pays the bills :)

    all in all im pretty damn lucky that i do what i love for a living and have the support and respect from all those around me.

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    I like to see that people have family members who don\'t \"GET IT\" but still take the time to buy appropriate presents.

    @fildunn: your laddies 16 Oi Vay, you don\'t look old enough.

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    hehe, i may look 16 but im going grey at 31, and my wife is 34. im sure i\'ll see some benefit when im fifty and still looking 35 :)

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    I got back into it when my kids started playing Hero Scape and wanted to show them some real minatures. So when I was buying the stuff and painting them I bought the wife some LoTR GW minis and soon she was hooked as well... So all four of us play and paint now.

    As a kid I could get my dad to play a game with me a few times. My mother never got the hobby... yet she left me be as she was a crafty soul who spent wayyyy to much on discounted craft supplies. She died several years ago and we are still finding parts of \" The Stash\" at Dads.

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    My Mum loves the work I do. I won a painting competition at the GW Leicester store in the 40K category, she was more pleased and excited about it than I was. My younger Bro likes to check out my finished work, but he is not that interested in sci-fi/fantasy.

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    it depends on what kind of mood they are in at the time, my sister doesn\'t give a shit...

    my dad used to paint but work got in the way so nowits a tamiya car a year!

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    My kids are very supportive and keep nudging me to start again, I am getting life in order to do just that and I am excited about it really.
    Both Becca and Stef will pick up a brush also it is fun with us gathered around chatting.

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    Yes, you must do some more, Tracy. Becca, too.

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    ???:rolleyes: my dad was the one who surprised me, he was a very practical no nonsense man, so I figured he would see the hobby as a waste.

    But when I started buying beads and minis off ebay and other companies, he would always want to see what came in the mail and talk about them and I don’t mean polite noises. That made me feel special in his eyes,:D

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    My wife isn\'t really interested in painting/gaming personally but she is supportive at least. When I was trying to get my team painted up for a Blood Bowl tournament she tried to give me as much time as possible to paint.

    She thinks my hobbies are a bit geeky and playfully mocks me about them from time to time. When she does I just tell her \"Ha, ha! You marrried a geek!\" :D

    Occasionally she\'ll check out what I have painted and comment on them but it\'s the \"that looks nice\" general comments that you get from people that don\'t really have much of an idea. I know my painting is pretty average but I\'m happy that she is at least checking my work out. :)

    My daughter is only 1 so I don\'t know what she thinks of it all! :D

    My parents don\'t really understand my painting/gaming at all. They call my minis \"those little men\". I\'ve played D&D for over 10 years and they have always thought that was a bit weird and a waste of my time as well. They did congratulate me and wanted to see my trophy when I told them I won a Blood Bowl tournament last week though. So while they don\'t really understand it, they aren\'t disapproving of it.

    My sister is a bit split. She doesn\'t seem to have a problem with my painting and gaming. She thinks the minis are cool and when we were younger even gave me a few games of Blood Bowl (although she would always get bored and quit halfway through!). However she also seems to think that D&D is weird and loves to mock me about it.

    My in-laws know I paint and game and are ok with it. They think it\'s amazing that I can paint things that are so small (although the minis I paint are just regular 28mm figures) but they aren\'t really interested in it personally.

    Olaf the Stout

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    Originally posted by TAB Studio
    My kids are very supportive and keep nudging me to start again, I am getting life in order to do just that and I am excited about it really.
    Both Becca and Stef will pick up a brush also it is fun with us gathered around chatting.
    Hey, you guys are a real phenomenon! I hope my future kids are as cool as yours :)

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