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    hi all
    ive heard about a technique that i was wondering if anyone could explain it to me, its to do with priming models. first the mini is primed in black then it is dusted with withe, to show where the highlights would go. has any one tried this? what i dont get is: is the white sprayed form one angle, or all around the mini?

    thanks, he\'stan

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    you do it from one angle to represent where the light source is and where to place the highlights, the whole thing is called zenthinal lighting

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    It can be sprayed directly from above, in a rotating manner from above or from one specific angle.


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    Originally posted by sg2009
    you do it from one angle to represent where the light source is and where to place the highlights, the whole thing is called zenthinal lighting
    That would be directional lighting actually Sam, seeing as zenithal specifies that the light comes directly for above.
    On his painting DVD JBT describes a tecnique where he primes a mini as usual, paints on the basecolour for the main area, and then lightly primes the mini all around from a 30 degree angle. After that he glazes on the highlights and shades, highlights conviniently shown by the white primer, without having to cover that up first with a basecoat :) I\'m using this for a mini atm, and I find it works really rather well.


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    Squig have you got any pics? Would love to see some examples. I have always wondered how this technique worked couldn\'t understand how it worked until squig said you spray over the base coat :)

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    Think theres a teaser trailor for exactly what squig mentioned somewhere in a thread. There are proberly plenty of other guides out there as well. It might be the techniques or how they are done, but mostly the jobs come out grainy that I have seen.

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    Ya white over black just help define highlights and shadows. I use it because I am still not to great at placing highlights and shadows so seeing where the white lies on the black gives me a good starting point.

    If you are good at figuring out where your highlights and shadows go then there is no point in using it. A similar method to white over black is just to place the mini under a light while you are painting.

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    It can also be used to help blending as the white dusting allows the paint to \"grip\" more, but this requires a dusting all over (45 degrees above from the front, side, back, and other side, then holding the can 45 degrees from below the mini going front, side, back and other side).

    The best person to demonstrate this I feel is GeOrc, because he is the first person who I saw use this (His is perfectly smooth too, whilst I\'ve tried it and it\'s been grainy buuut, practice makes perfect. Part of my problem was using too thin a mix I think)


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