another terror bird sculpt (wip)
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Thread: another terror bird sculpt (wip)

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    Default another terror bird sculpt (wip)

    hi guys
    after i finished my first terror bird (which is hopefully going to be released for sale within the next few weeks) i was contacted by Hydra miniatures who wanted me to sculpt the terror bird mounts for his range of minis....its coming along well....about the only thing i think is actually working in my life right now, im under a hell of a lot of stress, but at least this mini is going smoothly.

    anyway here are some wip shots, comments welcome.

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    W00t! Congrats :)
    Comin\' along nicely - how many different versions are you gonna do?

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    congrtas. now get sculpting, thats a helluva lot of feathers!!

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    Congrats! Excellent scuplting I must say!


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