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    Hello everyone, I just thought I might post this here as well, to let you know about the article.

    This one was a commission work I painted last week, and I have written an article about painting the flesh, and the use of colour. The figure is from the Andrea \'Warlord Saga\' 54mm range. You can see the article here: http://coolminiornot.com/article/aid/757/page/1

    Anyway, the article may be jsut a teensy bit long and over-the-top haha...I\'m afraid I got a little carried away :duh: But I hope that the long read is worthwhile for some of you.

    If you\'ve got any questions or things that need clarifying, you can post them here and I will try to answer.

    Here\'s the voting page: http://www.coolminiornot.com/204348

    And there are some larger photos of the figure below.

    Thanks guys! :)


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    And I thought I could be a \"gobby git\". lol

    That took a lot or reading through before I \"gave it the nod\".

    Very nice work though Sebastian.

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    Well that aint too bad is it :o ...i have one of these sat on the table at present ...may just have to stay there for a while yet.

    Excellent tartan .....and the flesh is utter quality i love seeing unusual colours used . cheers n beers Tom :beer:

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    He looks so sad!

    Really nicely done!

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    Perfect... just perfect! Amazing work as usual. :)


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    yeh man, realy sweet stuff, and the wright up is pretty cool as well.

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    its not bad :rolleyes:

    its bloody awesome !!!!! lol

    that tut took a lot of reading :yawn: but a great tut none the less.

    love the tones in the face

    flawless :beer:


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    I enjoyed the theory part of your tutorial, maybe that makes me weird :duh: In all seriousness though very helpful tutorial, a helluva lot of people (including me) are really thankful you haven\'t given up writing these things!

    ..the mini is nice too :D

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    \"What? What do you mean Mister Sniffles is dead?\"

    He\'s gorgeous! The skin is fantastic, and I\'m really looking forward to reading your tutorial. The horns are a little turquoise for my taste, but I can see why you did it.

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    You know that I regard you and Razza as the 2 best painters in the world but just one complaint with this miniature, and something that I\'ve never seen be done in any other miniature either, the fur on the back doesn\'t look as good as the rest of the mini but that might just be the photo.

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    It\'s so good I could eat my own spleen.

    Amazing as usual.

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    Thanks for the kind comments everyone, I\'m happy that the article is useful for some of you!

    Amazon - yeah the horns are not to everyone\'s taste, I know, but I had my reasons - hopefully the article gives some insight into that. But I think it\'s true that I could perhaps have changed the hue a little, so differentiate from the other green-turquoise areas. One thing about that turquoise colour is that it always seems to show up in an especially violent and \'contrasty\' way in photos, whereas in real-life the effect is perhaps a little more subdued, despite the fact that the colour is the same. I don\'t know if it\'s caused by the background colour, or a function of the luminescence of the computer monitor, or what - doesn\'t seem to happen with other colours. Just one of those things I guess!

    Originally posted by AinuLainour
    I enjoyed the theory part of your tutorial, maybe that makes me weird :duh:
    haha don\'t worry, I love the theory stuff too. We\'re both sick I tell you, SICK!!! :duh:

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    Great work! I wanted to buy this mini and after seeing this I am definately going to.

    Quick question:

    1. When you painted the texture onto the leather strap was your paint as dilute as it was for the skin?

    Also thanks for making the article. I did not realize how in depth and various the colors are that you use to paint your minis. THe only thing left now is a basing tutorial :innocent:

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    no time for the write up atm but i\'m sure more detail is better!

    awesome model btw!

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    Front side: Absolultely fantastic. Backside: hm. I don\'t care for the sculpt of the wolfpelt at all so I\'m not sure you could improve that so much. Maybe some final highlights to a couple of places to create more volume. Other than that it\'s a great sculpt I\'d love to paint. Even more so from seeing your version.

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    lol lol lol
    It\'s so good I could eat my own spleen.
    lol lol lol

    What he said :D

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