£11K PC anyone.....?
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Thread: £11K PC anyone.....?

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    Default £11K PC anyone.....?

    The Great White

    some may have already seen this, it\'s one of Custom PC\'s Dream PC entrants, I think it was this years winner
    A bargain if you ask me lol

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    Whats the big deal with the case being \"pimped out\"? Hell give me the grubbins in a basic white tower and I\'ll be happy and saved, what in the range of 3 or 4 thousand.

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    nice, but if it doesnt come with minesweeper i aint having it. plus £11k, i could have a lot more fun with £11k worth of women

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    very nice but ive never really got why anyone would that much monet tied up in a metal cuboid. Ill agree some pc can, and should, be monstous in power and price, but after maybe 3k it gets ridiculous, what could anyone do with that? it looks more like a worldkiller thatn a pc. .....that said, id buy one if i could:drool::drool::drool::drool:

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    Bah, only 19th on the benchmark tests. Pffft!

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    it\'s be a real bitch to keep clean

    i don\'t see where 11k has gone though

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    it\'s got 3 Graphics card in SLI and you can bet none of them are less than £300, so that\'s almost a grand to start with

    I\'ll have to check back a couple of mags and see if they broke down the costs

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    That... that\'s just unneeded.

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    Id rather spend 11grand on the rally car im tyring to effing build!:flame:

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    that is a little unnecessary isnt it. I actually do not like the way it looks.

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    actually neither do I
    I really liked the oil cooled one they had
    Amari PC

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    I have a $400 custom built computer and I can play crysis on high with 40 fps and thats good enough for me.

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