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    Default Wood Elf Army List

    General - Highborn (Lords Aldeald)
    Light Armor
    Enchanted Shield
    Helm of the Hunt
    Stone of Rebirth
    Spear of Twilight
    Great Eagle
    Points: 288

    Wardancer Kindred
    Blades of Loec
    Points: 140

    Caelas Shadowfoot
    Waywatcher Kindred
    Bow of Loren
    Points: 145

    Cairbre, The Hound of Winter
    Eternal Kindred
    The Dawnspear
    Amarathine Brooch
    Points: 150

    10 Eternal Guard - Full Command
    9 Eternal Guard - Full Command, Banner of Dwindling
    Points: 398

    20 Glade riders - 2 units of 10 with Full Command
    Points: 312

    14 Wardancers - Full command
    Points: 273

    6 Warhawk Riders - 2 units with Wind Riders
    Points: 280

    12 Waywatchers - 2 units with Shadow Sentinels
    Points: 304

    TOTAL: 2290

    Not sure what I wanna add on to bring the points up to maybe 2500, the army is based on the Eadaoin Kinband from a book i just finished reading so i dont wanna add in any forest spirits or anything like that as I wanna keep it too the theme

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    I\'m not a wood elf player myself, but my friend plays them, he\'s ended up taking a very fast maneuverable dryad+mounted army, but when he was playing round with early lists I really suffered at the hands of his eternal guard, if you enjoy using eternal guard I\'d recommend putting a BSB in the unit, I think that a certain hero in them makes them stubborn and if he\'s a bsb an additional combat res, +2 if he\'s got a warbanner, can\'t hurt :)

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    Its good for an army based on Guardians on the Forest. An all elf army is very hard to play without any forest spirits. I play an almost all forest spirit army and came in 1st place in the US for the nemesis crown. This army is going to be tons of fun to play but not very competetive. I would break up the glade rider units into units of 5 and make the eternal guard units into one big group of 20. Also I would get rid of the Shadow Sentinels in the waywatcher units, they are not worth their points. PM me if you have any questions.

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    I\'ve read that book myself and I also play woodelves. My core units are a large block of archers with a mage lord deployed with them she has the ryhmers harp allows unit to ignore all terrain and gives them a 5+ invulnerable save. I throw in a solid block of eternal guard and the rest is fast moving cavalry and dryads so far its worked well against orcs and dark elves.

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    If I remember right there was a dragon in the book as well as dryads

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    i usually bring one powerblock of eternalguards accompanied by a highborn, a unit of 9 dryads that i couple with a unit of 8 wardancers, two units of 12 glade guard, each with a lv2 scroll caddy, 2 units of 5 glade riders and a treeman. i think that's what i usually do anyways... last i played was a 4000 points battle, where i brought a lot more stuff, but i basically just doubled the above. it ended 40 points from a massacre. i usually find that a treeman is a must, and it is almost always worth the points. in my 4000pts battle, i used two treemen and paired them, treesurfing, with a unit of 10 waywatchers with a noble with arcane bodkins. these guys really slew a lot of orcs, i can tell you! they took out a unit of 20 blackorcs in 2 rounds, by only shooting!

    anyways, you should like to check out http://asrai.org/
    i am a regular there, and it's really helpful. i'm convinced that the reason i won that solidly was because i read up alot of tactics and army composition there a couple of weeks before the battle.

    take care
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