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Thread: MIlliput problems

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    Originally posted by hestan101
    it all sounds like a lot of effort...
    Which is why I recommend MagicSculp!

    Originally posted by hestan101
    ...are there any massive flaws with just using grren stuff?
    There are some things you can\'t do in GS (or not as easily) because of its waxy/plasticy nature.

    But you can see in hundreds of greens posted to CMON what can be done in GS alone.


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    Originally posted by Queenoftheunifrogs
    personally ive found milliput brilliant for sculpting the basic underlying structure of muscles on larger creatures like dragons and then using procreate or green stuff over the top. it can be used effectively and the smoothing paste is very good. it is brittle though and will crack which found out when a dragon i was sculpting fell onto its wing and the milliput cracked with so much force it snapped the wire mesh underneath
    A+B from Sylmasta would be a better product for this application IMHO, it doesn\'t crumble and when it sets it\'s like stone. They even do colored varieties now, and you can mix it with GS if you want

    (note: this is a different product to A+B found in the USA)

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    Can u tel me the difference between normal and super sculpey i've been using normal sculpey and was wondering what the diffrence is. Thnx for any tips or help.

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