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    Oh dear. You will be tough competition in our paint off challenge! Nice job so far.

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    Looking good, I really like the pants color. The head in the water is a cool idea too :)

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    thanks for all the comments, I\'m currently working on sanding and polishing the resin. after which i\'ll be redoing the freehands on the side of the base.

    I do hope so... you did look more or less my equal when you issued the challenge.... so i\'m hoping for a close match.

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    In all honesty I reckon the base he is currently on showcases the model far better than the trench one, as you can bareley see him down there.

    He is looking great, so why hide the paintjob in a trench?

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    @orkydave: that was one of the things i was afraid of too, one of the reasons i tried this base.

    and i must say, i like this base much better than the trench.

    guess i\'ll keep the trench as it is, and build a different diorama around it sometime.

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    The trench idea is still a good one don\'t abandon it. I would suggest a couple of changes to it as follows:
    1. Lose the back of the trench so that it is done as an open display, i.e. if you are looking from the back of the trench you can see everything, this will open the whole diarama up and allow the Commissar and other models to be seen.
    2. The step up to the firing area looks too high for the models, it looks as if it is waist high on the Commissar in the one shot and the firing platform itself is also very high and would give the gunner very little cover. I would therefore suggest lowering the platform and the step up to it.

    Otherwise a nice idea :D

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