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Thread: Space Marine WIP Part 1.

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    Thank you once again for all of your continued interest in this WIP thread. I\'m extremely grateful for all of your comments and feedback.

    Unfortunately due to a massive workload of sculpting, commissions and private work, I\'ve neglected my Space Marine a little. He\'s all primed and ready in his sub-assemblies staring down at me in my workshop. a constant reminder I should put aside the Sculpey and warm up the airbrush.

    I have a window in my schedule in a couple of weeks and have planned to break out the paints and finish this guy.

    Just to clear a few things up, I have never played WH40K and the last time I played Warhammer it was 1986! :o

    I just like the imagery, it\'s pretty cool and lends itself well to modelmaking especially as so much of GW\'s concepts have to be squeezed onto a 30mm miniature, I thought it would be an interesting project to explore the WH40K mythos over a large scale figure. That\'s all.

    I\'m neither a fan or not . I\'m a modelmaker. :)

    Painting WIP soon, I promise.

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    Originally posted by giganticdark
    Painting WIP soon, I promise.
    Its great to hear GiganticDark.

    Would it be possible to see the other stuff your working on ??? Please :duh:


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    wonderful! thanks for the info..

    assurance vie

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    I thought it\'d be cool if the helmet actually fit on over the head. Did I miss the part about whether it does or not???

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    Exclamation Omg

    All I can say is wow. Sorry it's not more but my brain is overloaded by the awesomeness.

    Also, are you painting it right now?

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    This piece has been painted long ago and he has won quite a few rewards for it as well. Use the search function and find Space Marine WIP Part 2.
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