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Thread: Space Marine WIP Part 1.

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    No iconic depiction of a Space Marine would be complete without a banner, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to try something a little different.

    I thought it would be a nice idea to construct a back banner in a very slight relief to imply that the banner appeared to be made up of different pieces of fabric. It would provide some guidelines and help me when it came to painting an intricate design on an uneven surface.

    Firstly I designed a banner.

    I then sculpted the various elements using Magic Sculpt and constructed a relief with the help of some plastic card brass etch.

    Using the relief I made a silicone negative mould from it.

    Then by pressing an extremely thin and well powdered sheet of Magic Sculpt into the mould I made a positive relief. The thin putty could then be hung, folds shaped into it and damage implied before it cured.

    I had a couple of off-cuts when rolling out the putty for the banner so I decided to fashion these into additional liturgical ribbons for the banner.

    The backpack was detailed with steel balls and the exhausts were replaced with plastic square section tube and etched brass. Banner pole was constructed from plastic tube.

    Not sure how to top off the banner pole at the moment, suggestions welcome. :)

    Figure assembly so-far next. :)

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    Maybe finish the banner with some sort of crystal ball :)

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    holy balls your good!! Its so beautiful already and I cant wait to see the finished product.

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    as stunning as ever. maybe finish it with a laureld skull like the new sicarius\'s?

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    your work is blowing my mind away everytime you post! The top of the banner pole would look good with a Tyranid trophy or just a simple Aquila design.

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    Thought I would give a very quick update showing the assembled figure so far.

    The figures various parts are only tacked together to check proportion and stance, so the position of some limbs may change slightly as I progress.

    Thanks for the suggestions about the banner top, I\'ll give them some thought. Not sure about the left hand yet, probably have it holding some trophy of battle.

    More soon. :)

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    My god does that look sweet.

    I agree with some sort of trophy on the banner top.

    How about in the left hand have him holding his helment, as if he\'s just finished with a battle taken his helmet off and surveying his accomplishment??

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    Originally posted by Talion
    My god does that look sweet.

    I agree with some sort of trophy on the banner top.

    How about in the left hand have him holding his helment, as if he\'s just finished with a battle taken his helmet off and surveying his accomplishment??
    I 100% endorse this idea! I think that would look amazing, and with a complimentary base would EASILY sell that image of surveying the battle after a victory.

    Good one Talion!

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    If this gets painted as amazing as your Giant Killer then it will win any contest that it is entered into.

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    This is damn awesome, possibly my fav space marine yet.

    I like the idea of having the helmet in his off hand.

    for the banner top maybe do an iron halo looking thing with the U in the middle, or a ultramarines affiliated item, something tyranid??

    cant wait to see this painted

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    this is a pure work of art, for the banner top i personaly would\'nt go with anything ott. The banner is the eye catcher its breath-taking. i take my hat of to you sir.

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    Just had to say I\'m absolutely blown away by what you have done! Amazing stuff!!!:)

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    Simply incredible mate, you are truly an inspiration and I cant wait to see it finished. The brass etch pieces work perfectly too!



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    Been following this since the first post and must admit that I\'m still gob-smacked by this model. I really wish that I was capable of something even half as good as this.

    Truly awesome


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    I second the Tyranid head idea! Sculpt one! W000! :beer:

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    The traditional banner-tops would be an eagle motif (realistic or just the Imperial Eagle in 3D), a skull with Iron Halo, one of the Iron Crosses, or the chapter badge. I think a skull with Iron Halo would look awesome, personally. Or if you don\'t want another skull, then a half-halo on its own would work great too.

    And the idea of him holding his helmet in his left hand sounds brilliant, I\'d go for that.

    Overall I\'m simply amazed by this project. So much creativity, not to mention the sheer talent. If you\'re interested in working on a Collector\'s Series Abbadon, then let me know, I\'d be happy to sell it on the cheap if you promise to give it such an amazing refit. He\'s missing most of his sword arm (I was misled when I bought the thing years ago) but it doesn\'t seem like that would slow you down much.

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    Everyday Iv been coming on here and going straight to this forum to see your progress and acting like a little boy on christmas morning when I see more pics.

    So please let us know of your progress, cos Im dying to see. :bouncy:

    P.S I hope you take Jericho\'s offer up, that would be so incredible, and probebly to much for me to handle. :D


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    Thank-you to everyone who made suggestions about the banner top and left hand options. :)

    I decided to go with a simple iron halo with skull icon in the end.

    As for the left hand, I thought that after all the nervous, fragile putty pushing of the banner, I was aching to get sculpting again and that left hand needed something in it!

    I envisioned the final model of the Marine to be standing proud in a distant war-torn battlefield after engaging in some vicious and bloody conflict. I wanted the left hand to be holding some bloody trophy of battle, and what better trophy than a severed Tyranid head! :D

    I’ve never been that convinced by the Tyranids as a credible foe as I felt they have always leaned heavily towards the styling of the ‘Xenomorph Alien’ without absorbing any of its terrifying visceral appeal. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to learn to love the Tyranid, take a few liberties, and re-style it towards a more frightening antagonist with a few more obvious nods to it’s stylistic heritage with a new twist maybe.

    First I made a basic head from some crushed aluminium foil and then roughed out the basic shape and volume of the head in Super Sculpey.

    After this had been baked I ground down the cured Scupley to a crude skull shape for the next layers of sculpting.

    Using a steel ball for the eye I fleshed out and started detailing with grey Super Sculpey Firm.

    View showing the in progress mouth and teeth.

    Facial detail almost finished and teeth added to the lower jaw.

    More soon. :)

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    I love the look of the tyranid head.

    One crtic though......the final picture of the hand holding the actual head, doesn\'t look right. He seems to be only holding the head with his finger tips. It looks slightly unrealistic I would imagine the head being heavier and would need more of a firmer grip.

    Excellent sculpt though

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    Every time you update, i think yea this is gona be sweet.

    And it got to a point where i thought this is so cool it cant get better.

    Well BOOM u blow my jaw to the floor again, the head looks cool as hell, get some neck bone and viscera sticking out an i reckon this is gona look almost real.

    Good job on the banner too, like the style you chose.

    Props (again :P)

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