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    Hi there folks!

    This is a part of a command group that i\'m curently painting as a commision job... Custommer wanted me to paint them in the Averland colours (Black, Yellow, Gold).
    What do You think?

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    They\'re going to look quite striking when being played.

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    Nice work on the yellows, and I like the effect you went for on the horn. Freehand banner is nice as well.

    Good job!

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    the horn looks great really like the effect

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    Nice work on the musician, one little detail really made him stand out to me which is quite odd, that was the border on his clothing that alternated the colors, I really liked that effect..

    Now is the entire army with that color scheme?

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    First of all great thanks for Your comments... The pictures are little to dark, couse i forgot that my gamma correction is higher then standard adiustment (i used to play CS and CoD4 a lot and wanted to have little brighter display for this games).

    With this paint job I wanted to try classic \'EM way of painting.

    --Now is the entire army with that color scheme?--

    Well, i don\'t know... I\'v only recived command group to paint, but the custommer requested Averland colours. So i gues that the rest would look simmilar.


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