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    After a long time I have decided to pick up the paintbrush again and having been inspired by the great C&C here thought I would stop lurking and stick my neck on the line.

    I thought I would start with a challenge to the eyes and camera with the Hasslefree Viktor who is only 19mm head to foot ( here )

    Not wanting to go the traditional green I have decided to create an \'ice goblin\' with mainly grey and blue as the colours but I am loathe to create a plain grey cloak.

    My first cries for help are then:

    1) How do I put pictures in my posts - do I have to host them somewhere outside of CMON?
    2) Are there any examples of wolf or animal fur style cloaks you can point me to?


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    fur is faily aesy, ou can jsut drybrush it, and put a liitle more effort in if you won a better result

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    You\'ll need to host your pictures somewhere before you add in the IMG code to your posts here. I\'d suggest making an account on hosting your pictures there, and then you just click the lowest of the code tags underneath each image and copy it into your posts.

    I\'d suggest googling different types of fur for reference. Drybrushing can end up looking slightly rough, so I\'d suggest highlighing it, it takes longer, but the result is better in the end :)


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    Thanks for those pointers.

    I\'ve now got the very basic colours done

    Plenty of C&C please

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    Well, it looks like you have the idea of blocking in your colors right...Having a hard time telling from the photo, but it does look like your paint is a little thick. Personally, I Thin it so its similiar to milk in consistency. Then i work on one area at a time, Ie: skin, fur, whatever..
    Otherwise, keep it up, post lots of pics...
    I look foward to seeing your next stage!:beer:

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    I thin down all my paints, it allows for more control. Also you may want to try to move your light closer to the mini, he looks kind of dark.

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