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    Default Sentinel from OZ GD 08

    hi everyone, I don\'t post minis here that often, but I thought this one might be interesting.

    This was one of my entries for our Aussie GD this year. I wanted to enter some unusual categories for me, to try to give everyone a surprise haha, just for fun :)

    It\'s a plastic sentinel, but I used plasticard to make the cockpit enclosed rather than open...mainly because I couldn\'t be bothered painting the crew ;)

    This is actually the first vehicle I\'ve ever painted, so it was fun to try something new for a change, and have a bit of an experiment. Painting this figure was really just an exercise in weathering, and trying to create as much texture as possible on all the large armour plates.

    I used masking fluid to create most of the big scratches and chips in the paintwork. After undercoating the figure, I painted the whole thing with a dark brown-grey colour, and then added some texture to the surface by flicking on different colours with a toothbrush. Then I applied the masking lfuid, using both a sponge and an old brush to create random shapes. Once this was dry, I re-sprayed the whole figure with white undercoat, and then painted the armour plates as normal with the light blue-grey colour. Once all the basic shading and highlighting was finished, I carefully rubbed off the masking fluid, revealing the dark chips underneath. And then I highlighted the under-edge of the chips, to give them a more 3D aspect.

    I was very lucky to win the gold trophy at GD, because it was very close between a few figures. We have a strange category at our GD, which includes vehicles, huge tanks, monsters, warmachines...there was a fantastic giant (see here:, that easily could have won instead of me. Very difficult to judge something like that giant, against a vehicle, I think! ??? But I guess the luck fell with me this time.

    Here\'s a link to the voting page:

    And here are more photos from our OZ GD, with most of the other winning entries, if you\'re interested:

    Thanks guys! :D

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    That\'s great... it looks like it would barely run... I certainly wouldn\'t like to go in to battle in it!

    spectacular painting, especially on a vehicle.

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    I cant really understand how this didnt get the sword..

    Words cannont really describe, but if i had two sum it up in two words \"f**king cool\"


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    Thanks guys, glad you like it!

    Originally posted by squidders
    ... it looks like it would barely run... I certainly wouldn\'t like to go in to battle in it!
    hehe yeah, my nickname for it is \'old faithful\' :D

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    You\'re so good it hurts! ;) I can honestly find nothing to do different. Maybe only to position it a bit more on the centre so that the right leg wouldn\'t be outside the base. Sentinels are really cool models.

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    Holy ####! :o

    If yu hadn\'t described how you did the weathering, I\'d have believed it was sculpted that way! Awesome work, that man. :D

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    Default wow

    beautiful bro...great work :)

    Should have gotten a sword :(


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    sweet job, done the votey thing
    thanks for the GD link too

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    Art. Truly Art. With a capital letter, mind you. :wow:

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    That looks really beat up! The base is equally distressed which is nice and I like the leaking drum.
    Thanks for the details on how you did - and congrats :)

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    hehe, thanks for the very kind comments, guys! I appreciate it.

    Originally posted by Amazon Warrior

    If yu hadn\'t described how you did the weathering, I\'d have believed it was sculpted that way!
    Well I won\'t take full credit for that, because I did actually scratch on some of the bigger chips and dents with a knife before I started :D It\'s about 30:70, real:fake scratches I think. You should be able to see which scratches are physically there, and which ones are the \'trompe l\'oeil\' method with the masking fluid, if you look closely. I actually think the \'fake\' ones normally look better than the real ones, to tell the truth! But sometimes it\'s easier to make a good looking scratch if you can get started off by a real one, which you can then extend and work around.

    Originally posted by StarFyre

    Should have gotten a sword :(
    I\'m going to stick up for Luke here, who won the sword. His style is very meticulous, and his battlesuit, despite being quite simple, was jsut about flawless. Whereas my sentinel has some lazy areas hehe, on undersides and hidden places...I painted it in a big rush, so it\'s not as well finished and \'produced\'. So I don\'t think the sentinel really deserved to be in the running to win.

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    Wow, what a beauty,

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    Congrats, stunning work of course.

    Some question....

    -You say you \"rub off\" the liquid mask. Is this done with a rag over the whole model, a stiff brush, or other?

    -The base! probably my favorite part! How was the spilled fluid done?

    Thanks and congrats again!

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    Scott - Most masking fluids are liquid latex, so when you paint it on it\'s liquid, but then it dries on the surface creating a latex layer. So then, once you have painted whatever you want over the top, you can gently rub the surface with a small implement: I find that rubber colour shapers work well, but you could easily use one of those little rubber erasers in the end of a pencil, for the same effect. The friction of the rubber is enough to cause the latex to peel off.

    Sometimes, if you have painted a lot of paint layers over the top, it can be a bit tricky to get the peeling started - in this case, you can use a little needle or something to get it started, and then it should peel off quite easily.

    I heard that David Rodriguez (karaikal) uses wooden toothpicks to remove the masking fluid, because the wood is quite gentle on the paintwork, but at the same time it\'s hard enough to make the latex removal easy.

    The spilled oil on the base is very easy - I jsut painted a pool of tamiya smoke! :D I think that\'s all I did, anyway haha...I can\'t remember! I painted this back at the start of October, because the entry date for GD was October 14. In any case, tamiya smoke or possibly black ink is all that\'s required. Maybe some gloss varnish is you want is extra shiny.

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    Real nice work mate, the level of realism you have attained is just awesome.

    Just a question the burnt effect on the exhaust on the back how did you achieve that effect?

    Also i like the way you covered the cockpit

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    a truly awesome piece matey, I\'m really impressed. I think I speak for a whole bunch of people when I ask for a tutorial on your weathering technique...any chance?

    Quality work!

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    Excellent work as always Sebastian.
    Your site is at the top of my favorites list :cool:

    For me it\'s the small detail work on your pieces that make it for me. The multi coloured wiring, the worn numbers/signs, the oil leaking out of the can, just great all over, even if it was a bit lazy

    You must get your won painting vid out, just don\'t go the route we have already discussed.

    BTW guess what I voted:Dlol

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    great work as always, you do vehicles the way i like to - battered and worn. the thing that really sels it for me are the windows.
    congrats on the win too

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    Thanks again for all the great comments everyone! :D

    Cleezy - the blackened areas around the exhaust were created with black pigments powder (actually just a ground up black soft pastel in this case - and even jsut some ground charcoal would work fine.) After painting the area normally, I jsut stippled some of the black poweder on with a damp brush. A few layers, and jsut jsut a completely dry layer with a dry brush to finish. Just kept dabbing it on until there was enough black for the effect I wanted.

    These sort of effects show up the best on surfaces that are quite pale or neutral in colour, which is one of the reasons I chose to paint the sentinel with light blue-grey armour plates.

    About a tutorial, haha well...maybe I can do a quick one on the basic methods, when I get a bit of free time!

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    Finally.... a reason to paint the old sentinel I have lying around. Your work never ceases to inspire in some way or another!

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