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Thread: Board Games Reccomendations?

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    Default Board Games Reccomendations?

    Hey, I was wondering if there are any strong reccomendations for board games out there. I\'m always looking to pick up decent quality games. My current faves are...

    Games of Thrones-Best multi-player game I own. Better when the players are acquanted with the stories.

    Mall of Terror-Super fun zombies-in-a-mall game. You VOTE out players to get eaten!

    Marvel Super Heroes-Fun, after everyone spends 1 or two times learning the rules

    Puerto Rico- Easy and it has no dice, so people don\'t get to bitch about the dice like they do in Settlers of Catan

    War of the Ring- Awesome two player war game. Very challenging, but lots of tiny rules. After about three plays the game becomes very fun and challenging.

    Monsters Menace America!-So far the only game I know of where you can stomp Winnipeg (Armpit of the Earth) AND Montreal (Ashtray of the Planet)!.

    Any other fav\'s out there?

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    The game that never ends.... Zombies is great fun!

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    Ratrace is good fun, especially after drinking.

    Rapidough, also good fun, but not technically a board game.


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    My friend and I just tried Munchkin: Quest, today. 2-4 players. Crazy silly fun.

    For wargames, I have to put my favourite as Shogun (also sold as Samurai Swords).

    Kingmaker is also good fun.

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    I never got into many board games. If it wasn\'t miniatures, I\'d usually play ccg\'s.

    All the board games I have heard good reviews of have all been mentioned.

    Actually I do remember a game called Shadows over Camelot, or something like that. There were quite a few people at the LGS that enjoyed playing it.


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    Carcasonne is a good one. It\'s a tile based game where you have to build cities and roads and fight for control of them.

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    If you like podcasts and are looking for a few recommendations, try listening to \"the d6 generation\".

    Besides that: carcasonne is good indeed, as is shogun/samurai swords (the MB variant). If you\'re also into two-player abstract games, try Dvonn or Yinsh.

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    And getting silly:


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    I have two recommendations for you! First isn\'t really a board game, it\'s a card game. It\'s called Mille Bornes. It\'s a racing game, where your cards are milestones - either 25, 50, 75, 100, or 200. The goal of the game is to be the first player to reach 1000 milestones (or \"Mille Bornes\" in French!). As you play, you not only try to reach that goal, but you are trying to make sure the other players *don\'t* by way of action cards - things like flat tires, running out of gas, speed limits, etc.

    I was raised on this game and to this day it remains a great way to pass the time with friends. :)

    My other favorite is called Whatzit. Whatzit moves you along a board, and in order to advance you have to solve rebus-like puzzles.

    For example, if you saw a Whatzit puzzle card that only had the phrase \"LOOK KOOL U X\" on it, you might figure out that the phrase was \"look both ways before you cross\". Stuff like that. Fun stuff if you like brain teasers!

    Check \'em out! :beer:

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    I absolutely love Last Night on Earth. It\'s simple to learn, and fun as hell.

    From the same makers come A Touch Of Evil, which we have just played a couple games over the weekend. Another fantastic game.

    I heartily recommend them!

    I also think you should check out Arkham Horror, which is based on HP Lovecrafts weird and amazing novels....:D

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    Some of these go back a ways, not sure if some are even produced anymore.


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    I currently play Tanhausser and Descent, both from Fantasy Flight. Also not technically a board game but great fun is Munchkin and Munchkin Fu,they never get old . Last but not least for me is the Anima card game. :D
    Nevertheless playing a board game for me has to be somehow connected with miniatures so I can\'t really have an objective opinion. :)

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    Thanks for the reccomendations!

    Mille Bornes! That takes me back a few. We played that for money one weekend when the only real deck of cards had a marked 5 of hearts and the poker couldn\'t continue.

    SuperVike- I\'ll have to look up Arkham Horror! I actually like the Cthullu Mythos, just so long as their is no actual WRITING of Lovecrafts attached to it!

    And to the other suggestions, I actually have most of them, but I will pick up Last Night on Earth and Descent ASAP!

    Any others?

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    I wish there were more board gamers in my area!

    Tannhauser is actually pretty fun as well, for a fast brutal game. I wish FFG would get off their duffs and support it better, but I absolutely love the \'fluff\' that comes with it.

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    Talisman is not a complicated game, but it is a great deal of non-serious fun, and is still in print through Fantasy Flight Games.

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    Talisman is an old drunken classic around our parts. I actually picked up a cheap old crown for when you get to the middle and start zapping people. I think I have three versions of it, but the only playable one if the FFG one, as it is closest to the old classic.

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