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Thread: Terrain for Adepticon 2009

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    Default Terrain for Adepticon 2009

    Hi guys...
    In this log I would show you what I\'m building for this years Adepticon. You are very welcome to comment and your suggestions would be much apreciated.

    Fantasy table - temple ruins

    some space marine terrain

    Landing pad

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    Ok back to Fantasy table
    some more ruins

    some small stuff

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    Looks great so far! I like the added details.. it\'s the little things that make great terrains.

    How are you going to do with flock/static grass. I just have to recommend Silfor if you haven\'t got it already. Fantastic product.

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    You make fantastic terrain!

    Is Adepticon in Chicago?

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    They are looking great. Cant wait to see them painted

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    Like the landing pad/tower the best.
    What are you using for rivets/bolts?

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    Amazing terrain, I like the fantasy stuff. the small details really give the pieces character

    keep it coming.

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    Hi guys
    I\'m glad you like it ....there\'s more....

    The cars are plaster casts of some small metal cars. I\'ll try to get the tutorial I foud on them if you want...

    If you want to see last years Adepticon terrain made by me go HERE!

    @Supervike -Yes ADEPTICON is in Chicago April 3rd - 5th, 2009 Check out the accomodation option for people from outside of Illinois if you want to come...

    @Dan - as always for rivets and bolts I use different diameter styrean rods that are cut in thin slices.

    @Avelorn - thanks for the link I realy like this stuff I\'m going to buy some... have you used it? I\'m thinking of buying some \"6mm Silflor Grass Tufts - Early Autumn\" I think it is more neutral color... not too bright but not too dry-looking.

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    Stunning terrain... can\'t wait to see what else you make.


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    More... you want more. Oh... ok.
    First is my fantasy table. I menaged to finish the ruins

    I\'ve did finish the second monolith for Necron Table:


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    I\'m working on my junkyard table. I\'m realy satisfied with paintjob on this one...

    And I\'m going to make a bunch of these...

    Let me know what you think guys...

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    Yep, I most like the junkyard of all of them.

    Very cool stuff and very similar to something I\'d like to do for my Alpha Forge \'Salvager\' crew.

    I will shamelessly swipe some of these ideas!!!

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    This stuff is looking cool. I bet it looks better in real life.
    A couple of things though.
    The first \'Imperial\' stand thing, it almost screams to me that it is missing something on the top. To me it looks like a drilling platform (oil or exploratory). On the front loader, wouldn\'t the bucket be half way in the ground? On the funny side, the two skeletons have me singing \"Brian\'s Song\" from the \"Life of Brian.\" :D:D

    \"I say, that Lascannon nearly took off my skull!\"
    \"Always look on the bright side of life!\"

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    Great looking terrain.

    Want to help that loader? Get some black wash and dool down everywhere there is a moving part. The bucket arm pins in particular. Plus all that pretty colored hydraulic hose you\'ve added should be near black with old odd bits of color showing through.

    Love it anyway and it is great terrain. (I\'ve just worked on way too much of that old yellow iron.)

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    Well... this log nearly died on it\'s own but my work is not yet finished.

    Here is the WIP of Imperial Warehouse

    And Imperial Warehouse painted

    Ok some more next time...

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    Ach never mind double posting... you want to see more terrain and I can show it so don\'t be mean.

    WIP of Comunication Station

    And WIP of Witches House

    Ok that\'s it for now...

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    LOVING that warehouse - although the loading area isn\'t near dirty enough :P

    And the comms array is also looking good :)

    I love the different shape of the witche\'s house :)

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    I love this stuff, Looks awesome.

    I’m kind of new to making my own terrain. I was wondering the Grey stuff clay/puddie that you are using. What is it called and were can I find it?

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    I use Apoxie Sculpt from Aves Studio. It\'s a 2 part modeling compound like green stuff but less acurate. It\'s good for filing gaps, first stages of sculpting (bulking up) and terrain.

    Oh and small update

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