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    Default Painted Miniatures for Sale by jarhead...

    Hi there,

    i need some space, so i have to sell some of my painted miniatures. Totally random of manufacturers, some painted for gaming purposes others in higher quality...

    If you are intrested in any of my offer, maybe because you have the right place at your home for these miniatures or want to give them away as a present just take the chance on these auctions here:

    Would be very happy to see these miniatures find a new home - as said just contact me on...

    jarhead<at> if any questions about a model appears...


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    dude that helldorado mini is proper sick :|~

    really well done

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    Very very nice pieces!
    How lovely is the snow diorama, it seems a Rusto! :-)

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    Thx to both of you... :)

    Did it up 2 date again...

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    Added Leo bust ... Bat-Orc\'s gone... up to date...

    As said prices can be calculated in every currency on the actual day terms - just tell me ...


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    got a couple of pieces off him. good service!
    cheers roman

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    thanks - trying my best :D:yes:;)

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    A little jump... going all to ebay sooner or later...

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    Finally made it to ebay... have a lot of stuff going away for peanuts these days, because i really need the space... so maybe check out the link to my ebay auctions listed in the first post...

    Happy Painting!

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