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    Looks great! I really like all the small details and the guns. Good luck with the rest! :beer:

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    For anyone who was looking into those rules for me, I just found out - it\'s the Dredd Mob rules that I read, not Stompa Mob. I knew I\'d read SOMETHING... :)

    Thanks everyone for looking :)

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    Here\'s a pic of the apocalypse army ready to go. The entire army weighs in at 8104pts and covers most of the board set up like this. If I pack it together it obviously takes up a lot less space.

    I am insane.

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    insane? a little, but thats not such a bad now is it? :D
    Keep up the amazing work, just loving ur creativeness, i have no idea how you keep it up!
    cant wait to see them finished and painted!

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    Now I never said crazy was a bad thing did I? Lol! Thanks for the comments - I just keep slogging through it. The more you do, the easier it gets.

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    Well - here is an update after avoiding doing more work on the stompas for a while. The new battlewagons gave me sufficient pause while I prepared myself for the next stage on the stompa production.

    The crew have been added, but photos of that later, and rivets have been started. Next after that will be bases, undercoating and then paint. Probably get to the undercoating stage by the end of next week at this current rate...if I can find something suitable to use as the bases...

    Here\'s a couple little pics...over 1000! rivets ready for application:

    Doesn\'t look like it - that\'s for sure. And here is the first arm completed this afternoon:

    And a couple of nifty little distractions that make me want to deviate off and build them...

    The last one kinda looks like a goblin shredder out of WoW...

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    In the words of Red Leader
    \"Stay on Target! Rear deflectors to maxum, watch for fighters!\" :D
    No, seriously stick to the rivets man, let Uber or Suki take on the goblin shredder first, then fail (maybe)/ give up (possibly), then swoop in for the win! You\'ll look all the greater and they will have found most of the problems and maybe the work-a-rounds.:D;)lol

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    Well - 1000+ rivets = 2 arms and one leg done. :o Damn :o

    I have 3 stompas in total, so that works out at needing somewhere in the vicinity of 7000 rivets.


    Damn damn damn damn damn.

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    Well I\'ve been playing around with the rivets and I tried riveting one arm with ... poppy seeds ... dip them in superglue and give them a bit of a squash with my fingernail - you be the judge. I don\'t mind them and they will probably look pretty cool painted up. And the slightly weird shapes suits orkology anyway.

    Let me know what you reckon, anyway.

    And here is what over 1000 rivets covered...

    And the stompas as they are currently:

    Hopefully I\'ll get to undercoat stage at the end of next week - that\'s about how long I anticipate the riveting, basing and final details to take. Oh - I just realised I haven\'t built any supa rokkits yet.... hmm...

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    Poppy seeds, hum?
    I think that you just saved hundreds of scatchbuilders hundreds of hours of work. Good thinking on that one!

    As for the stompas, looking good so far, love the 3?!? one with the hardwired ork, but I\'m not all that sold on number two\'s \'comand deck\'. The picture makes it look abit to far forward and \'exposed\' in comparsion to the other two. But then that\'s just me. Keep it up! Your a inspration to the rest of us.

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    Dang, this is really coming along nicely. Keep it up!

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    ive only just noticed this thread and its quite simply blown me away! inspiring stuff. the detail is great and the thought that has gone into putting everything together shows you have quite a brain!

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    Here\'s a huge update, 1 model is fully riveted, the other mostly. I haven\'t done any pics of the third as I haven\'t started riveting it yet. Next is the bases and then next I\'ll be undercoating.

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    Here we go getting to the painting stage. All the models are fully riveted, based and undercoated ready for painting. Painting starts this week and hopefully shouldn\'t take much longer than about 2 weeks worth of work, but that may be hopeful.

    Here\'s the pics, anyways.

    And the extra special \"oops\" moment:

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    Cool! Ork Wicker men, now you just have to do an orky Christopher Lee pilot.

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    You are an inspiration to the rest of us :beer:

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    I may have missed where you mentioned this but is the armour just bent cardstock? Great work by the way. So much detail I do not know how your head stays on.

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    Rightio de ho de ho - more paint. I am about halfway through finishing the final stompa. If anyone is interested in buying any of these - please pm me. Here\'s the pics:

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    Votey linkeroos....

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